Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upcoming fun stuff

Coming to you soon !

Ornament Cards

These were for my family, but I'll be listing some like these that are laminated and some paper ones sealed with my mod podge!
More miniature sets will be in stock, I have a set in waiting and I'll list soon.... More to come are some bookmarks and bottlecap magnets, I'm going to list the magnets in sets of 4  so you can get a few for a gift or yourself.
So keep an eye out!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


My hobby as seen above is adorable,sweet,fun,unique,miniature,travel size and puts a smile on everyone who sees these. But is always going to be a hobby. It's a sad thing for those crafters such as myself who had thoughts and dreams of their hobby to become a part time job or their career some how.

I have a million ideas and their just ideas, I won't really make them and I don't have the money or time to fall through will most. So what I will always be making that are available to play with or put into your collection are Monstrous Baubles miniature toys, my bookmarks and illustrations.

All other things I may think I'm going to do won't be done and I do not care any more. What I already make is cool enough for me and most important fun.

This post is mainly for me .... I need to talk to myself sometimes haha! Enjoy your holidays folks!

Friday, December 13, 2013


New set to come in April....

This play set looks like the others, only it's NOT! haha what is cool about these new ones....

I will have a scene of the outside already glued into the tin BUT, you will have two other scenes that will be laminated and have a small magnet on the back so it can be switched. The other two scenes will be.....The bedroom with a bathroom and the second will be the kitchen with an eat in table area!

Loads of fun with this set idea... the bottom will also change from grass to carpet or hardwood. I have a few tins left to work with, but tic tac toe will be different now..

I may make game piece monsters and humans for those who love checkers and tic tac toe or the DandD world.....I can have packs up to 10 for people to change up their game boards!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am one heck of a browser on Etsy ( a bit of an addiction really) and I love all of the diy projects available, but for those who aren't interested in sewing or having to I can't help but want to make my own kit's for little ones to embrace their creativity!

What I have in mind to actually make..

Kit #1

Create your own paper and clay monster or human

4 clay bodies
4 faces
8 arms
1 tube of mod podge glue
This is a cool set for those interested in a fun project at a Birthday party or a class !

Kit #2

No Sew Plushie

Fabric for body
Fabric scraps for arms and legs
Fabric glue (Allenees ok to wash glue)
Crayola Fabric markers
This one might take longer to make since it needs some pricey pieces!

Kit #3
Bottlecap Furniture
Bag of bottlecaps
Computer paper
mod podge glue
 Second one I'll put together since I have all these things in the house!

So two of these will actually be made... the make your own monster or human and bottlecap furniture, the others will have to wait since I need the supplies!

I'll post the first kits when I'm done getting them together!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another idea

I know it seems all I have are these crazy ideas? Well my blog is mainly for them and I really need to put them some where sooo here we go....

The magnetic toy idea....the thousandth one !

I want to use a pencil box , doodle rooms and seal them inside, the thing is from before when I was making the larger toy sets is.... they will be outlined and unfinished because the boxes will come with awesome rooms you can change!

I'm still thinking on the idea, but the science is..

Stick a magnet strip inside the box at the top on all three sides....then take the room doodleIf s and add a magnet on the backs of those...I did have this idea with the tins before but I'm thinking their too small....with the pencil boxes you get more moving room.... I'm laminating the rooms because it protects the doodles...

For the outside of the box I'll make the back magnetic so you can maybe change the scenes with the seasons. This idea would take me a pretty long time to work out since it involves a ton of doodling.

The new toy set I listed today is part of the magnetic sets....

These cuties are an inch tall, their super sweet too!  Soon in time I was planning on making little tables full of foods and drinks like the witch one I did....

They have a table with cupcakes and cookies! Little coffee cups too, I can make other drinks as well. I could provide little peeps with the dishes and have the option of dishes that are full of food or blank..cups aren't my specialty but if I work on them I could be!
but, I need to test this idea this weekend, tic tac toe tins are getting worked on too!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Just not into it... when will my brain ever learn... I don't like sewing much any more.

Maybe paper oriented toys will come about?



I am having the reoccurring thought of the idea I had to be able to change faces on dolls.

I have two ideas that are neat, one is a bit like other ideas ... the new one I am thinking of at this moment is sticker faces.

I may need to try this one out but the idea is to create a sheet of cool monster and human rag doll faces and stick them onto a self adhesive felt sheet!

First you have your sweet rag doll's body, then you also get a sheet of face stickers.

The idea is to be able to change the doll's appearance,maybe even make Halloween themed ones as well. The faces can be re-stuck to the doll a bunch of times... the felt I used with the sticky backside is indeed STICKY! I can make sticker sheets too for those who already have the set, they could buy more faces for their dolls.

interesting idea that I'm not sure of but I'm going to try it out.... perhaps I could come up with and idea to add on buttons and bows to make them cooler lookin!

In thought always,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And another!

Play mats

The Mat

Fabric Paint (I traded for!)
Button flowers


I could make a steam that has a Velcro dot on the back and you could move in wherever you want!

The first set that comes to mind....

Gnomes, Snow Bears

About the Yetis ..... I can also make those into bubble packs! Sweet!!

This thought, just in...

YETI FRIENDS! I will design the canvas mini totes for the YETIS!

Give these cuties some tin homes and BAM! Awesome toy set.


Another thing to paint!!!

Canvas tote bags!!!

These would be fun to carry around my toys in!
I had the idea awhile back to create these carrying bags for kids to take along their dolls and toys monster's house front would be the front of the bag!!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

There goes those gears!

Alright I have this brilliant idea and it's awesome since kids can craft this as well!!!

Custom fun rag dolls!

So I usually make scrap dolls and to make them I use felt and scraps left over from previous fabrics. The idea I have is to create doll bodies out of various fun cotton fabrics (dollar section at Walmart!) then you can use the white or any color you like really and you use the Scribbles 3D fabric paint in the squeeze bottles and you can paint a face on!

You can creative too, I could for instance use my paint brushes and paint on one cool face! If your a little dude you can take the bottle and squeeze it on, or I'd go ahead and let them use a brush also because sometimes when your squeezing the paint either comes out too slow or too fast.

If you used a separate piece of fabric for the face you can GLUE it on with some awesome fabric glue, Aleene's makes one amazing type you can wash over and over! Plus it stretches! After all that, you could even add on buttons or pom pom balls!


And you could also even get some fun ribbons and trims and maybe make a necklace or something!

Super excited about this! May be a fun thing I have going on at my next craft show table!!!

Slowing Down

My sale ends today at 5pm... now things seem to be slowing down. I'll continue to work on some miniature houses, then work on monsters to go to those which seems like a better idea.

Christmas is coming, I hope I can get another few sales before hand.

Turkey Day was fun and now passed, back to school today and my daily chores.... I feel a painting coming on though. I did start on a coffee themed painting I am using a wood shadow box my dad made me a few years ago, it needs some care so I'm painting the back of it like you would with a canvas, right now it's a pink and orange color, it will have a sweet face having coffe on it soon though.

Pictures when it's finished!!!!

  Ohhhh Ideas are going off!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Alright folks..... I was working on a new idea and a super awesome one just happened!!


This is the first ever family to be made! you have from left to right...

Lucas, James and Betty Anne! I love these so much!!! I'll be making more in the future for sure. They get their own world of course....not part of Monstrous baubles. I'll come up with something.... A Rainbow Village maybe.  And to think I got this clay at walmart for 8 bucks!

NEW in the shop

Cupcake Lady painting

Snow Bear miniature toy set
This is the first snow bear set I've done in awhile...their ears are sillyand I dig them!
I am having a SALE in the shop until tomorrow evening ,,,run in and check it out!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Coming soon

Alrighty I have a Bubble pack, and five miniature toy sets on their way!!!

What will be inside the Bubble Pack...

1 Glow in the dark cat
1 glow in the dark dog
1 Glitter zombie
2 Humans
1 vampire
1 Yetti
1 Gnome

And in the sets..
Snow Bears
Cat and Dog
Winter witch and Vampire

I also finished a cool painting...

I painted this sweetie on some salvaged wood, it has a cool slot on the back where you can hang it up!

We had a great Thanksgiving in the Johnson's house and ate some real yummy food! I hope you all had a fantastic Turkey Day too!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another new miniature set

Here they are Luther and Max

I LOVE making these, and I'm pretty sure I always will. I really dig the play mat on this's more half circle, I'm thinking I might make the mats a little like this and a bit bigger so you can connect them and make little villages with them. I'll put the flowers and steams on them and make more trees and bushes for the sets.

These ones have the tiny felt carpet inside the lids..

It looks like the example picture above!

Anyhoo I need the drawstring bags and more felt and were set! The bad thing is the price may go up to 12.00 on these, but it's worth it!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I sold the second bubble pack so I listed this one...

AANNND....another cool tiny update with the miniature sets is the felt carpet inside the lids!

Super cool because with the felt mat ideas I have these need to stand a bit better so by sticking the bigger part inside the lid to stand it won't fall over as you play.
More NEW as soon as possible, Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy thinking

I am currently thinking of new play mat designs right now, Alright I have no pictures ready yet, but heres the lay out......

These are the designs in mind for each Monster Village

Tinsel Mountains
White felt 9x12" felt square, it will have a sweet warm chocolaty coa coa stream running for all the  elves, yettis and snow bears to warm up with. The entire mountains are surrounded by snow so I'm thinking plain snow cones are on the menu!

Flower Fields

Light Green 9x12" felt square with pretty daisies and a clear blue water stream with rocks around!
Gnomes, humans, etc

Spooky City

Dark Green 9x12" square with a normal water stream as well...stones and stuff around it.

Candy Forest

Puple 9x12" square that has a yummy white sugar stream for the candy monsters to keep candied! ha!! So in this village there is already Bubble Gum kittens, Gnomes,
Gum drop monsters the cupcake monsters....

I recently started bubble packs, those come with the "whats inside your bubble" sheets... I can start some collector ones for those who are interested in collecting them all.

More on the ideas later!

Old School! One of the first sets I've ever made....too tiny though...but this is the general idea to the play can see the flowers and water stream shown in the picture....this was a Gnome village in the Flower Fields. I could make tid bits about the monsters villages and stuff too....I have some free time on the weekends we'll see what happens.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Ok,I have not been able to update you folks on Facebook on account of my computer being sick.
Anyhoo I have a few cool ideas coming up....

Bubble Packs are being liked in my shop so instead of just a pack of monsters I was thinking of bubble packs with accessories too! For example if you are a doll house fan or you like to get your toy monsters or dolls little things for their homes this will interest you since I will make some cookies, books, blankets for picnics, lamp sets coffee table....things to add on to your collections.

And I will be adding only two COLLECTOR tins, these are going to be made from the small sample tins with the window lids, I'm creating fun and cheerful Winter Land scenery in one with two teeny tiny gnomes building a snow man together. It's going to rock! I'm undecided with the second tin although mistletoe just came to mind, but there are a ton of ways to go with the Holidays!

I keep have an occurring idea of creating those room boxes from white pencil boxes. But I'm still working on how they would all stay connected at the top for a bedroom and bathroom.

I think one possible way could be...a magnetic system...something to play around with I think.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tons of NEW

I started BUBBLE PACKS so far there are two listed!

These are so cute! I make a list of whats inside too so folks know what they have in their packs!
I have a new set with the tin coming soon, a couple of sweet gnomes will be will give a nice Spring time feel for those hating the cold!
I am having trouble with a virus on my computer, it's not letting me get onto Facebook or yahoo....I'm hoping to get the problem fixed soon.
Stop in and see the new listings!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Scratch that!

Ok, I now have an idea laid out in my head of where I'm taking off with these "new" items of mine.
First off of course my most favorite to make will always be the miniature paper mache box monster and clay doll sets. I call some "clay dolls" because you not only can get monsters but I do make some humans as well!

What I have outlined..

This is a previous cat I had already made, the little cat lady is sweet and I'm thinking of naming her Coa Coa. I LOVE how adorable she is and how I can just color this in with markers....I initially started out making the monsters extremely tiny and they were colored in with markers. I want to bring that back for two reasons, One... it's cheaper's more fun to get my sharpies out and do what I love most,DOODLES!!!

What NEW items I have lining up..
Bottlecap Magnets
Paper Ornaments
Hand Painted canvas keyholders
I've wanted to say greeting cards, but right now I'm going to stay focused and make what I already have supplies for. Makes sense and I totally love bookmarks. You could even hang them up as an ornament too!

Another item was the coat and hat hangers, the key holders could double as those for now, and you can hang little ones coats and stuff up, maybe some your mittens?

My oldest son game me an idea last night.... he and his brother are into the trash packs and he likes how you can get them in a four pack, so he went on and was telling me how I need to start doing packs of four monsters each. I kind of do that already but he's right....I can do those instead of the packs of 2.

Supplies that will better my monster packs....

These are so much cooler than just your average plastic bag! These will be a better storage item to take your cute play set with you on the car ride to the store, grandma's or out to eat waiting for your grub! I'm going to put my monster's logo on front and make it mine!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thanks to a cool buddy of mine's cats..... I was thinking of making monsters for CATS to play with!
I do love felines and playing with them.... my little felt monsters are a great texture for little kitties to dig their claws into.

This little rabbit critter is a GREAT idea to start with! Granit the toy will not have a key ring top on it but a cool ribbon with dangling things like those cute pom poms you buy at the craft store....maybe some pom pom ribbon string? Theres an idea!

Kind of cool right? I'm scoping some supplies on etsy as of NOW! haha.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cool thoughts

As I was listing my new toy set this morning..... I was thinking it would be neat to make mini gardens and other outdoor things that could be bought in a separate package to go along with the mini communities.

Launa and Greg here might want to be farmers, I could take a lid from my boxes and make some mini gardens with flowers,pumpkins or other things like that...... popped in my noggin today...thought I'd share!

Off to work work and work!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Been a few days... I am working to get 100 items in the shop. This task is a bit harder than I was thinking.... but I will have at least another 20 up soon.

I made another three mini sets, and there are three more on the way after..... Three bookmarks in the works, and six bottle cap magnets on their way as well.

I may be getting the darn canvases this week, I do know  I will b getting a couple FREE from a super cool craft buddy....I thank her a ton for the goodies... it's always good to save and give someone else more space in their crafting room!

I'm still wanting the drawstring bags, they are a sweet idea for sure, I may issue out like a larger set with one of those bags with just a larger felt grass mat and maybe three mini homes and maybe 4" boxes for shops and cafes or something...and treeees!!!!! Gotta have TREES! I think that's a superb gift pack idea for my show in December ...indeed it is!

I am sitting on low with ornies.... been thinking of getting shrink plastic for those or maybe just making paper ones.Which paper ones aren't so bad, can even add glitter.

That's the news for now folks,,,, stop in my shop SALE items still up!

Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm extremely happy to be making my miniature play sets again, but I'm wanting to give them a better bag to go in to carry around and store a little better than a plastic baggie....I'm thinking of the muslin bags with the drawstrings.

 Perfect size! Plus I can doodle the home image onto the bags, and put my shop address on the back!

Oh and if you didn't notice yet, with the new sets I used a super bright light for pictures and they look so much better!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I finally got something done! I cleared the craft room out and finished another two mini toy sets!

I have more houses all painted and ready to be finished, I may get to those today but I can always take my time and do a house once a day maybe? As long as my chores are done (beh!) .

Check these cool sets out here...

I'm still thinking of a way to create a larger back drop kind of set, where all the smaller homes fit inside. So as soon as I figure that out I have many mini homes to make! I couldn't get the key holders up and ready this week so maybe after Halloween I might? I do know I have new paint so I can get some interesting found objects painted!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Backwards a bit

I did not get the supplies I really wanted this weekend but I did get my Halloween costume so I'm still stoked!

I may work on some Holiday felt ornaments or bottlecap magnets. Maybe some clay stuff... don't know yet.

The wonderful craft room is almost cleared out and ready to be crafted in. I have a few things to pick up and organize then I'll be all inspired by the space to create!

Monsters are still on sale in the shop!

OH that's right, I  have some paper mache homes to work on too....I just might do that too, so many things ahhh!!!! I could possibly make one of each! I may try that too.

Off in my pajamas while it's super crazy windy out to craft and merrily drink my coffee.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey folks! I've been busy with other crafts and so far I have gotten three bottlecap magnets finished, and I LOVED making them, I forgot how much fun those are.

I also made a Halloween card for my mom, and also LOVED doing I think theres room in the future for more of those awesome fun crafts.

This weekend I should be making a supply run for canvases , paint and medium and small sized hooks!

"This idea Just thought up" I could use cool looking furniture knobs as coat holder hooks too!!!

Back to the update..

It is a sad thing to notice that the Hand Made world is on a slow end another year. I've been hearing how people with amazing crafts haven't been doing well.... but I'm thinking of the venues were at and I think if your at a craft show that's also a Flea Market or Yard Sale...your crafts are no longer in the spot light. So I think it's a great idea to stick with a Festival and craft show alone to get your work out and in the spot light.

I have no show coming up until December... and I'm not clear on the date yet but I am pretty happy to know it's at the coolest chic's art gallery in town so I know I'll do well and have a great time at this one!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I finished my painting...

I love it!

I'm putting all monsters on sale... this time there will be $5.00 Baggies full of monsters and some trees too. Bubble monsters for a buck each too!

The larger monsters I made (clay dolls) will be morphed into a mixed media piece! This is the one I'm sending to my mom and dad for Halloween..

The candy corn boy will hold a cute paper sign that says "Happy Samhain" and I'm painting a nice black trim around the sign. That's their card! haha...

So what you'll see from me in the next few months will be...

Hand painted canvas key holders
Hand Painted wooden coat and hat hangers
Bottle cap magnets
Mini paper mache toy sets perfect for on the go!

I will not be making anything else even if I have a major brain fart of an idea!

I only sold one doll at my show and the one I did October 1st I only sold two...most are only interested in the clay so I'm prepared to group the dolls for a buyer on etsy! or someone local. Theres at least 12 of the dolls left so I'm putting them together. Check in the shop soon ... I'll be busy all week so I'd expect new stuff maybe Friday or Sunday of next week.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well I've narrowed the ideas down and I'm going to work on canvas paintings that are also key holders, coat and hat racks made from my paintings on wood, and my mini pocket sized toy sets that fit inside a sweet paper Mache box.

What I'll work on secondly are ornaments for the Holidays and elf themed paintings for Christmas and loads of coffee Diner themed ones as well.

 My painting in waiting...I ran out of paint so now I's a hard thing to do but I think I can make it!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update #2

Many ideas are swishing around so here are more...

Plush ornie scrap Holiday forms.
For example...

Something along the lines of these monsters. I'll make elves with cool hats and they'll hold things like presents or cookies or a sign or a mix of stuff.

And I'll be getting some paintings on canvas made to list as well!

I'm thinking elves with cool fancy hats....

And more of my bottle cap magnets...

These are my festive Autumn magnets... and pins. Hand drawn... I like drawing itty bitty!

So that's what I had in my mind swishing around today and yesterday....Loads to work on this weekend.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I was thinking it would be a really cool idea to create three different parts to my Spooky City and paint them each into the white pencil boxes I've already been using.

1 Pumpkin Farm
2 Cemetery
3. Bat Cove

This way you can collect the different parts and have a new set for each one!

1.Monster Town is really the major town where everything happens. There are shops and places to  eat and get some coffee.

Boyd and Evie's Diner is the first place I have in mind....I need to create a grocery store, mini mall, and possibly a little park.

2 The Flower Fields

3.Candy Forest

Then theres the Tinsel Mountains but I don't have many parts to them since I don't make many polar monsters but I will soon since the Holidays are closing in.

So it's a plan in progress.... may take awhile to finish them all.
I'll keep you updated on the new scenes!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Still no batteries... I had enough to battery juice to indulge you in this painting..

It's the first of my "poster" designs...the next will probably be what I've been thinking of a witch with wind in her hair and leaves blowing around.

My package of paper mache boxes didn't come yet but I had three left over ones so I painted them all and finished one for my skeleton couple.

I'm deciding to buy those larger pencil boxes with the latch on.....then I can make the larger sets. The smaller paper mache boxes will go to those.

I also made a larger message monster, it's a witch and she holds a sign that says "Happy Samhain" I love her! I'll post pictures asap!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Craft Weekend

I'm still debating the printed monster fabric.... it's actually cheaper for me to just doodle them with fabric markers..... and I may turn the dolls into ornaments and keychains.

I will be pairing up monsters for their homes and then the bigger ones will be in their packs.
I may be getting the hooks I need for my key holders and then for my coat hangers.... Busy Busy Busy weekend!

I think I'm in need of a few table displays. I think a 3 tier cupcake holder would be cool!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Spoon flower seems to be popping up every where and I went to investigate. I do think it may be worth the 15-20 bucks to create a yard of MONSTER FACE fabric!!

I can get as many monster faces I can fit onto a sheet of computer printing paper and have it printed onto a YARD of fabric. A yard isn't like a ton of fabric but it's the most perfect amount for me to come up with faces to stitch onto felt monsters or Matryoshka dolls!

I'm a bit excited to see if I can make this happen. I have a ton on my creative plate so maybe some Holiday Matryoshkas will be made?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Crafting

This weekend I will be crafting..

Clay Ornaments for Halloween
Hinged tin play sets
Paper Mache' houses
And I will be pairing up my already made monsters into monster packs of 2 again.
I feel the monsters themselves are super adorable and unique and they should definitely be priced so. I think a pack of two monsters should be $4.00 and for the mini pack of two monsters inside their sweet paper mache' house should be $8.00. The work I put into drawing each room and painting the boxes should not come up so short.

My tin play sets are priced fairly as well.... I draw the background (any you can think of) then I take a paper mache' box (their all 1") and paint them add the small doodled rooms inside and then theres a tiny home for the tin set. It takes me about two to three days to finish I have a funtastic weekend of crafting insanity! and these are most usually all finished up then.

I may be able to create maybe one or two coat and hat hooks too.... I will need my hooks and wood scews first.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I decided to re open my Etsy shop.

I'll offer local pick up still, it makes it easier though since if your form the area and you would like to come pick your order up then I can give you an online coupon that makes shipping FREE!

I know that I always shut etsy on and off but I really think I was only mad at etsy because I wasn't selling much and it's not the site's fault.

I have new items coming out soon and I will update everyone on whats going on later on in the week or tomorrow.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Solid Ideas

The Plans>>>>>

I came up with a cool idea that is also functional as well as art....

Hand Painted Coat and hat hangers, Mail sorting wood key holders,And some felt coasters, and door hangers or ornies.

The first painting to become a coat and hat hanger will be..

The Pumpkin Patch
 The hook will go on the bottom!
It will look adorable on your wall!!! Since it's a wood coat hanger you would just need to drill it to the wall but I might just get some metal round hooks then you could drill those onto the wall instead....
I'll be getting ready for my second show on the 19th soon and hopefully have at least two more coat holders and two of the wooden key holder mail sorters too!