Friday, December 6, 2013


I am having the reoccurring thought of the idea I had to be able to change faces on dolls.

I have two ideas that are neat, one is a bit like other ideas ... the new one I am thinking of at this moment is sticker faces.

I may need to try this one out but the idea is to create a sheet of cool monster and human rag doll faces and stick them onto a self adhesive felt sheet!

First you have your sweet rag doll's body, then you also get a sheet of face stickers.

The idea is to be able to change the doll's appearance,maybe even make Halloween themed ones as well. The faces can be re-stuck to the doll a bunch of times... the felt I used with the sticky backside is indeed STICKY! I can make sticker sheets too for those who already have the set, they could buy more faces for their dolls.

interesting idea that I'm not sure of but I'm going to try it out.... perhaps I could come up with and idea to add on buttons and bows to make them cooler lookin!

In thought always,

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