Saturday, November 16, 2013


Ok,I have not been able to update you folks on Facebook on account of my computer being sick.
Anyhoo I have a few cool ideas coming up....

Bubble Packs are being liked in my shop so instead of just a pack of monsters I was thinking of bubble packs with accessories too! For example if you are a doll house fan or you like to get your toy monsters or dolls little things for their homes this will interest you since I will make some cookies, books, blankets for picnics, lamp sets coffee table....things to add on to your collections.

And I will be adding only two COLLECTOR tins, these are going to be made from the small sample tins with the window lids, I'm creating fun and cheerful Winter Land scenery in one with two teeny tiny gnomes building a snow man together. It's going to rock! I'm undecided with the second tin although mistletoe just came to mind, but there are a ton of ways to go with the Holidays!

I keep have an occurring idea of creating those room boxes from white pencil boxes. But I'm still working on how they would all stay connected at the top for a bedroom and bathroom.

I think one possible way could be...a magnetic system...something to play around with I think.

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