Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back Open!

I should no better,I can't stay away from etsy that long...ha!

I have raised prices to where I think is fair,this weekend I should have my Easter Bunny monster tic tac toe game listed.

Ebay is on the bak burner but still in the running....

I also have more monster packs and seperate houses to list...weekends because I tried whe every day listing and it broke the bank! So I'm good listing every weekend.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some recent Changes

Since I'm on vacation I had time to go over my prices,and I raised them a little and I think it's better this way. My work is unique and just different and I shouldn't be low balling my work.

New Prices
Monster Pack of two


Mini Community

Individual Monster

Single Home

I made my first Message Monster necklace over the weekend! I made myself a werewolf and he has a sign that says "Arrr" on it and I love it! So I decided to add necklaces onto the new stuff. Single homes will be up in Spring to.

So I guess be expecting Cartooniecatdoodles open around Spring. My ebay is still in the works so hopefully Spring I'll be back open.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vacation Time

I am taking a long vacation from my shop and may be back in Spring,not sure.

I have way too much to work on in my own home....I'll be listing our old toys and things from home on ebay...I have a much needed clean job in storage for a new Closet Space! And it may take a few months to finish but I am serious about this and won't be on here until I feel I'm done.

I do not believe my monsters will ever be more than a "hobby" but it's a hobby I love and enjoy and will always do because it's a great huge stress relief. Any questions can be answered in email.... thecraftcat@yahoo.com feel free to ask stuff!

Be back in a few months or so!

....Monster Making Molly....

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cardboard scenes

I just came up with some scenes for a background in Monstrous baubles.So far I painted the grass...

Heres a picture of the idea

The white paper covered tin is the size I might get for some newer shops and stores for in the Monster world.

Close Up....neat.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

No monsterless house sits right with me.

So I have the houses made and it just seems sad they don't have a family inside.Sooo I might re think my idea on the houses..maybe just one house up for now.

That is all..haha


I have ten items ready to list all week long! I just listed a new messenger monster for Valentines Day..


He's way cool! Adorablr little demon. I have three houses ready to list too....I'm hoping to get more tins soon as well,and hopefully some white pencil boxes!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Theme Packs

Haha! Finshed two more adorable theme packs,Candy Forest and Monster Timbers both with their own different gnomes.

6 puple gnomes and their awesome trees and a fun playmat!

Lulu and Edmond,adorable fun gnomes in their sweet candy forest with yummy taffy trees! Great playmat too.

Next on the list is some single houses,this way you can hand pick a Monstrous Baubles set.....

You pick
Monster Pack
play mat
and a theme if you like!

Very fun and could be a cool collection for on your bookcase or a display case....endless ideas for displaying! And of course you can play with them as long as you follow their directions.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flower Fields not so great...

I was squishing some clay and trying to make flower trees and they didn't look so great,but I did come up with taffy candy trees for the Candy Forest.

They look pretty,the tiny blobs are taffy monsters! I believe this set will be done in the next two days.

I have two Valentine Monsters ready to list,and I'm working on tic tac toc with blue and purpl monsters.The board is going to be wood this time and I'm decoupaging the image onto the wood!

I still need to get the board game ready but it's sloooowww....I may just list it as the only one unless ordered otherwise.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentines Day

For this Valentines I am creating my collection of message monsters with some fun happy sweet quotes from those awesome and yummy candy hearts!

And coming soon will be my Flower Fields theme pack.I'd also like to have a few face magnet sets don as well!

Tin monster homes will be listed as singles soon,and more monster packs! As soon as I have everything for my large sets I will also have a set with a shopping mall,two homes and 5 monsters!

I'm hoping to find a March or June craft show to sit at too this year.

Stay tuned folks!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finished Work

Lots have been done! I have five new listings up and my checkers game is the coolest so far!
I made a mini 4" by 4" playmat I just put some flowers on felt and it looks awesome!

I took a trip to A.C.Moore and man it was terrible they didn't have any of the things I needed....such as my white pencil boxes or the clay I even use...I didn't find it but I did luck out and find the felt checkers board I needed.

There they all are,12 orange and 12 puple! Super cool and my soft felt checkers board.

The new playmat it's simple but boy is it cute! I love this little set.
And heres how your Monstrous Community would look if you had a few collected already as soon as I get more shops up,Or this could very well be a large community set to get if you want an entire play set!
I suppose bigger mats will be coming too so they can go along with a larger set.
I'm so happy with how it looks and I'm happy with the tins because they will last longer with the monsters!The pencil boxes I choose to use are strong because my boys' have stood on them and they didn't came in (not that your suppose to) and I myself stepped on one by accident and they stand strong!! For this set you couldn't use a mini tote so I may get bigger ones and I can pick them up at Michaels!
And this is the first of my theme pack!
I am so happy with this set it's adorable! And you can put it up on display for Halloween or just let your little ones play with them.
Soon to come
The Flower Fields theme pack
Larger playmats

Friday, January 4, 2013

Annie May

Annie May is a new monster plush.she's about five or six inches and will have her own little purse for her monster pet!

I just started her from no where last night and she's half way done.

Annie is a sweet frindly bear monster girl and I think her pet may be a Gumball cat!
So I should be cleaning up first but I want to finish her.......

And tonight and tomorrow night I'll have a ton of work to do....I should be getting my supplies for new playmats as well.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I have a few things thought out for my shop and heres the supply list...

For the new playmats I'm painting them onto muslin cotton blend fabric with this...

(This will be painted soon)
Tulip makes some amazing products and I trust them! So I'll be getting this paint and working on some new mats.....their all going to be 4" by 4" because this way you can connect your sets easier and you can mis-match your sets too if you want.

The sets will all come in a mini tote bag,I'm sewing my house fronts on like the custom plush set I've done before....the bags are mini but perfect for kids!

Theres the tote house...very cute (the plushies are too). And I'll just sign my initials on the back with a fabric marker.

And I want to work on Mini theme packs! This is what I came up with for Spooky City,the vampires are finished I just didn't get a snap of them yet,their drying.

In the theme packs you get a part of Monstrous Baubles and two monsters.So the next one may be the Tinsel Mountains,or Flower Fields since Valentines Day is coming up.I love this idea because now you have Four options
1 you can buy a dollor promo monster
2 youcan buy a monster pack
3.you can get a mini community
4. you can get a theme pack
And for others not wanting those you can get a ..
Monster face pin
Monster face magnet
Or soon to come....
A monster trading card pack of four!
I think I have a plan now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My mind is at ease,yet again

No more crazy ideas just the reasonable ones...My monster houses and shops will be in a tin,and I'll be using paper mache boxes for Message Monsters,and the collector ones!

Playmats may be hand drawn and laminated....I'll be making test ones this weekend.I think it's an ok idea...and I'm still getting some totes incase someone wants to carry their monsters around.

Monster Stuff

I finished a mini pack for Spooky City,you get one large tree,four tomb stones and two vampires.I want a house for them too....Probablly a paper mache one. I want to create mini packs from each town so you can collect the monsters for each set.

This weekend I should be able to grab more boxes and some cardstock.I want to create little monster cards that have their information on them.And smaller care directions too.I should start making trading cards so you can collect a pack of four cards!

These are awesome!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brainstorm Page

Ah ha!! Soooo I think that using paper mache boxes for homes and the tins for shops is a way cool idea! This way everything fits into the mini tote bag and you can carry your monster town around to a friend's for a sleep over,or on a long car trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

You can take out one little home or shop and take in to a food place while your waiting for your orders! OR even when your waiting at a Doctor's appointment.

Everything will be stored in their little Monstrous Baubles bag and the velcro closure helps out a bunch!

OH and on the back sides there can be landscapes so you can pretend your at a cemetery,tea party in a garden and a bunch of others like that,even a back yard!

Cool Idea

I think I figured out the ultimate way to store away my monster sets and playmats ....These cool totes

If I can get these made custom,I can have a little print of Monstrous baubles world and on the back my little logo. I need at least ten but I have a low budget so maybe 4 for now. I can put a velcro dot on the inside too so you can close it up!!

I'm wanting to make playmats seperately too...this way you can pick out an awesome mat with a different piece of land and part of Monstrous Baubles World.......Such as Monster Town,Flower Fields,Spooky City and Tinsel Mountains.

The larger sets of the shops and Mall can be the storage unit....It would be cool to make plush ones too some how with a handle so you can carry it around as well.


I hope to get more fun toy sets made,board games,and message monsters! I have a siamese twin cat message monster ready and a cute mini cemetery with two vampires!

Lots to work on for this New Year,I hope everyone had a good 2012!