Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to basics

So I gave it a try...the velcro interchangable room houses just weren't working...I've torched the idea.
But I am working on a sweet white pencil box home with a flower garden back yard.It will come with a big felt lawn and a tea party set. I always think my monsters need chairs but they don't really stay on them too well.....maybe I can create some with a felt top that works as a cushion? This way they look even cuter with their table.

The monsters to this set may be the 1" giants but we'll see I have much house work to catch up on first!!

Maybe a pet too? All possible in a few days I'm sure!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A new idea...

So I'm sitting here having my coffee and I'm would be neato to make travel pillow monsters.All I need are travel pillows and I could just sew the monster faces on.

Or just pillowcases which would probablly be easier....Something I may consider doing after my magnetic tins are finished.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Magnetic Update

Heres the looks of the new magnetic sets...

 My first family.sweet twins!Vampire and cats living in Spooky City's smaller cemetery

Background view....I drew that earlier today.

The next tin to be made...Cotton Candy Farm
I'm thinking of drawing it over since theres not much of a background....but it's still cute.

 The Pumpkin farm is also in the works,again more is needed in the back!
This is what the outside lid will look like on them.
I just need my magnets which will be here in a week or two (ahhhh!) but since I'm getting 500 for the low price of 8 bucks I'm happy to wait! Plus I'll have the tins ready anyway.I have some gnomes for The Flower Fields as well.Pretty darn neato.

New ideas

I came up with a new way to make the magnetic tin sets....I wasn't liking the grass on the outside and it's just better with everything on the inside....SOOO heres some pics of the new idea...

I'm going to draw the grass with some cute flowers and things,and I can draw a cool background.You can even use the top of the tin and create a sort of hill effect as you can see in the top pictures! I'm loving this idea more since everything will be inside and protected! I don't know why I didn't think of this before! Way cool!!!
You'll get two monsters,one house,two trees and one tin.I just need more magnets to start these up again!

I made more mini felt monsters,their pretty darn cute!

These little monsters are about 11/2" and are super cute!
I also made some Monstrous Giants!

Theres one more to list!
I'm one busy woman this month....keep an eye out for the NEW stuff!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Must catch up!

OHHHH dear I have an over load of things to finish once again! Check off List...

1.Interchangable Room Houses
2.Bubble Monsters
3.Mini felt cat monsters
5.Mini Single monster homes

I hope to get those done this weekend but we have plans of play time at the park so I'm thinking these are night time crafts!

Dale here will have siblings soon....some girl siblings!!! Zebra print kittens.

Monstrous Necklaces in the shop!

Ok so I made some awesome cute necklace duos!

First I made a cupcake set sweet and sour

And the second is my Best Friends duo

I'll be making a punkabilly Best Friends Forever one with three punks! So two girls and a boy.I want to make more soon but I'll need more cords.I found those super cool cords at Jo Ann Fabrics searching for ballchain but totally made out with something a lot cooler.Their stretch maigic silkies cords,some glow and some don't.The glowing ones aren't very glowy,out of the pack of 6 cords obnly one actually glowed.But their still awesome!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Past Due Mother's Day tattoo

For those of you that didn't know it...I'm addicted to tattoos.I am working on my sleeves first and I already have my first son on my right arm,now my second son is on my left!

My 3 year old loves to  box and has for quite some time so I thought it a good idea for him to be a
boxer in my design! Thanks to Eric Goltz for rocking my arm!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another sweet idea

The white pencil boxes are something I realy adore working with....but they needed a little something different and not just the rooms.I decided to work on interchangable rooms for my white pencil box houses!

Instead of just a set of plain rooms,you can have a set of more to change in the house.I'm going to use velcro dots for this cool idea. are my rooms so far

 The two kitchens and living room are waiting to be laminated with the two bathrooms!

I'm going to get these colored in and laminate the bunch!
The plan is to take the velcro dots put them inside the boxes,put the dots on the backs of the laminated rooms,this way they can come out and you can remodel when you feel like it!!!
Work in Progress!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just a post

I decided my Bubble Monsters need to be 5 bucks each...and my Bubblegum kittens will be a dollar.The kittens don't take much clay so it makes sense...I'll have them in groups for people to buy.

I have the Flea Market next weekend,going to get ready for it this weekend.Lots to get done but I need to clean the crafty room first!

Rimilda and Nolan,sweet cupcake monster duo! Soon to be in the shop. Loads to list still stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have NEW listed at last!!!!!

Bubble monsters

Mystery Tin
Singular Monster

I'm pretty darn happy! It took me a while to get these up since my camera's memory card didn't want to come out and then I had to get the darn card reader to work soooooo.....with all the bits of annoyance I listed some awesome monsters! I have more bubble monsters to list and other items.This weekend I'll do more since I need to also get ready for next week's Flea Market in town!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


My memory card should be here today yay!!! I'm hoping it is I have a lot to list. I have my sister and her family coming for the weekend today which is going to be fun!

So more monstrous goodies will be up soon.

Cool tiny fruits!

I was just browsing on etsy's supplies and found this

These are perfect for my monsters...I can make some neato plates or picnic baskets and have some of these lovelies for food. I love this gal's site! If you love these too check out her shop...