Monday, December 31, 2012


I have three Message Monsters done and listed!!!

Cindy Marie,George and Ava! All totally awesome.

And some progress made on my cafe

Rosie is my monster model,she's sitting at one of the cute tiny Cafe tables I made.Theres a cup of coffee and a cupcake or cookies on both sides of two tables,and one table has just the cup of coffee on both sides.After I have the checkered florring in the box here,after the picture was taken I had finished painting the trim around the floor pink.Now I need to paint the outside,get the cafe look on and seal it again!

Phew,lots to do!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monstrous News

I worked on a few different things today,had a good brainstorm too. I'm making shops with my white pencil boxes.It makes sense because when you in real life go out to eat any where shop or get coffee at a Cafe the buildings are way bigger than your own home!

So far I have "Punky Brew's Cafe" in the works,I need to draw another side of the cafe and paint the box then glue and wax everything.The set comes with a few monsters and the owners.

I hope the monsters don't seem too small,but it makes sense to have them the same size as shown and then they can have their cute little tin homes.So The Monster Town plaza is in the works. I should have a pet store made soon too! I need more pencil boxes and green felt.
I have no idea when these will be done.....I'll have them posted when they are though!
This is a cool monster gift I came up with today...I may make more sometime...

I love how it came out and the box is adorable!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh man

Another game on hold! I will have to say I have no idea when I'll be done with my games. Things keep popping up that I need to work on.

I do have a few punk monsters in the works.

Another Update

My Monstrous Baubles checkers game is just about done! My purple monsters are drying and I need a box for everything to go in.Tonight the game should be listed...I may get the boxes later on.

Also I will be making cool monster face pins and magnets! I'm going to stick the pinbacks right into the clay too and I bet they will have a super strong hold yay!

The collector case monsters are on the way this weekend.Maybe in time for New Year's Day? Pictures later for another finished update!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Monstrous Baubles TIN house!

I have finished one! And their way cool,they even have a little felt carpet. I made them the same way as the others,drew little rooms and decoupaged them into the tin and sealed them with Microglaze wax. Theres more room in these and I'm getting a few together for "Monster Town".

And soon I will have homes for the softie monsters too! I thought of an idea to create a little house from the white pencil boxes.They will get a large pillow seat/bed and a blanket and I'm going to use a paper mache box for their dresser or bookcase!
This is Marla she's going to be stitched this weekend and she may have her house finished too.
Their all palm size,and will also have their own clay pet! You can buy the doll accessories to any of the smaller dolls and it will go along with her well.
Lots of new heading this way for 2013!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Boardgame on set back

I think the gameboard needs to be bigger....I'd like to use dice and cards in this game.I'm not even sure how I want it to be set up.

But on the good side,Monstrous Checkers is still on the way...All the orange monsters are made the purple ones need done then the checkers board needs made.

I may come up with a really neat game in the mean time as well.Some kind of an adventure maybe.
We will see....I have many things to create and finish..lots of clay to do so too!

Miniature collectable magnets will be made soon....These will be a one of a kind collection.

I will keep you updated as much as I can!!!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I got a 30 pack of new clay and I'm excited to make some new clay babies (monsters)!!!!

I haven't had a chance to just bake up some little monsters in a few days...I'm close to finishing my Monster checkers....One team is Orange and one is Purple...I have the first 6 monsters for both sides made now I need the other half.Each team has 6 boys and 6 girls.

Monstrous Baubles the board game is in a stand still for printer paper,and I need to get a couple sets of the cards made.I plan on always making these two games and my mini toy sets.
Sure their small but their suppose to be.

As soon as these are completely finished I'm running them into the Dark Forest Games.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


The board game was a success! Me and my oldest son played over and over and even took turns winning it was sooo fun!

AND I am working on my Monstrous Baubles checkers game! I have 12 monsters baked already half are waxed...tomorrow I get more clay for my checker pieces!

More toy sets soon as well.I'm wanting the paper mache boxes back and maybe more themed ones such as a cafe and a Ball Room for tea time!

Lots going on!

Game Update

I have the game board ready and 20 cards.I didn't yet finish the board incase the cards need fixed up.I did a few mini test plays by myself and I had fun!

Now I need a test game! This is what the game board will look like...

And these are the cards....

You pick a card and follow the colors on the card on the board..super easy! You can have a two player or four player game.
Heres an example of what the monsters look like on the board...

Pretty darn awesome I say! And the new tins make a great storage for the cards and monsters.
~Other News~
...I don't want to change the monster homes,the box that tore before was only because it wasn't a "kraft" box and it wasn't as durable as the older ones.SO I will get the older kraft boxes and not switch again.The tins are for my game pieces......You can collect the mini communities and play games as well!
I think I'll have little sets of just the game board and cards too.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Monstrous Baubles the game,Update!

I have the mini game board all sketched up! I think I'll be making a few different games.The boards will be paper so you can easily fold them up and store them away.

They will be a 4 player game with 20 cards.It's an easy enough game so it can be for all ages.It's a perfect little game for people on a trip to your Grandma's or while your waiting for your dinner when your going out to eat.

I'll make three of this game...I want to make other ones too......So I'll be in the work shop brainstorming again and again!

The idea
Your on a journeyfrom Monster Town to the Candy Forest.You need to walk through the Flower Fields without the Grassbiters biting you.Then you need to pass through the Spooky City,then you've reached your destination at Candy forest!

You may land on a tombstone square which means you are to go to the Spooky City and battle! with zombies and vampires.This battle may seem lame but for little ones it will kinda be but still fun.
You could also land on a square with a Monster home which means you have to go back to Start which is Monster Town.As your going along another square will have a picture of a Grassbiter on it which means you have to go to the Flower Fields!

I thin I'll have some of these little monsters to go along with the board and four monsters...something to bring it to life.

More updates when I think of any!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Game sets

I may be working on Monstrous Baubles the game.I think it would be a lot of fun to not only play with them as a toy set but to collect them and use them in a game.

I have a few game ideas,the towns and citites are going to be made first.The monsters and homes will be the new parts to the game.You can buy each town or city with the monsters and set them up how you wich.You'll get a dice with different motives and things.

I have lots to work on but I think this will be really neat.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tin Monster Homes

I was thinking of things since I have plenty of time to think...being that I'm sick.I thought of a cool idea to decoupage different fabric patterns onto the outside of the tin homes.....I don't think I want to paint these even if I can get paint for them,I like the idea of a soft touch.

I can even give them a cool fabric carpet inside for cozy effects! I'm starting to feek better maybe this weekend after I bake a thousand cookies and wrap just about the same amount of gifts I can work on these new homes.

Theres a ton of different fabcics too so I'm excited about this cool idea!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday vacation

Hello all...My shop is on vacation until after the Holidays....I can get some items finished and clean up to be honest!

I am currently working on Steampunk chic drawings for Dark Forest games,I hope they like them!

Happy Holidays and a Hapy New Year too!!!!


Friday, December 14, 2012


So....I'm occupied with ornaments and shelf sitters for my family and friends and I'm not getting as many monsters  up in the shop,but I will have a few new sets up within the week I think.

I'm going into Dark Forest Games tonight to go over my monsters and other items....I'm going to have them look over some steampunk drawings I've been working on to see if they'd want some larger ones.

I want to help this shop out because their fairly new,doing really well and getting people in with their tournaments and events.They need an art crowd to come in too but since the Project 308 gallery is near them it's a little hard.But hopefully this Spring they'll do a side walk sale.I need more artists to try and put some things up in there!!! So my cousin may do some paintings for them.

Maybe some comic style work would look good?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have gotten some boxes coming soon!

I love trades!!! These are so darn awesome I just cannot wait to work on my new sets!!

Now all I need are magnets and my wild imagination.Oh and stamps.....I will be sending my two softie monsters out for these....thanks so much you awesome etsy sellers for trading!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Blueprint

Here is a little silly blue Print on the new tin sets...

It may look funny but this is a small idea of what I'm making  soon.
You get two tin boxes and each set will come with four magnets.You can use the magnets to set your home up...two on the bottom,two on top or three on the bottom and two on top.....It's so great because since you get two tins you will have four rooms! More fun and in a cool way.I was even pondering the idea of magnetic rooms that you can switch in and out of the boxes.I may re-visit this idea and actually make it because the more I think about it the more I love the idea!!!

Major Update in Monstrous Baubles

Hello hello! I have decided to switch out the kraft boxes for tin ones.I was working on houses and a lid has torn and it made me wonder how well they even hold up with pro long play times.

So I decided to start using metal tin boxes and the biggest part of this upgrade is they will be magnetic.I will also include fun magnets to stack your homes up or side ways....when I have my tins to create the first example I'll post the idea.

It's a cool and more sufficient idea.I will be posting my very last kraft box monster's a little bigger than the others....It has two snow yettis and they own a diner and a home.

The boxes I have left over will be for my Craft shows or for fun for me and my boys!

I will keep everyone posted as this new upgrade begins!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Facebook Shop now open!

I found the greatest and coolest etsy app today,

which enables you to have your etsy shop right on facebook! o hassle either,as soon as you use the app your shop is up and running and all people need to do is click on the facebook page and it checks the item out through paypal on your etsy shop!

So amazing I couldn't belive it!

Stop in soon,heres the link to my facebook Shop!/pages/CartoonieCatDoodles/152077721510380?sk=app_149696141763776

Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Softie Monsters

Woo Hoo! Here they are the simple but super cute mini Softie Monsters..

The coolest one is Sweetles who was made from the new fabric I got with sprinkles and cherries!!!
The others were made form shirts and pajama pants...pretty darn cool!

And the first one done of the "Messenger Monsters"

Perfect for photos,mini notes,grocery lists and even cool for a wedding favor.....I could definetly make more if anyone was interested in table favors!


We got back from the store and I found some super cool fabrics for some fun softie monsters!

Pink and black polka dots
Music notes
floral pattern
Pink Leopard!

I'm working on mini 5 or 6 inch monsters the same as my clay ones.They will all have a full body (one piece) and their faces sewn on since I draw my faces! I love walmart for having a dollar section even in their fabrics....I had used these before and their excellent for small projects!

I'm working on Holiday ornies for my family

I am listing a few monster packs and Dollar promo ones in the shop now! Stop in and take a look.

Friday, December 7, 2012


I'm kinda slow to the creating...I think I might need more coffee.Sure more coffee and I'm off to Monster Town!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Trunk Show

Haha heres me at my stand!

I am super pumped up! Also don't like pictures of myself much haha!!! Lots of monster goodies though.
More updates soon....I should have my one Snow Yetti set listed this weekend!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In progress

I have a few things started out...First I am working on a Birthday monster set with three little ones inside with gifts balloons and stuff ready to throw an awesome Birthday bash!

I have my boxes now soooo I have three monster sets ready to work on,and a monster pack. I have a box big enough to make a candy forest set...which will include my first four bubblegum cats and my gummi bears!

New monster packs are going to be made with One monster and a pet,then my mystery monsters are going up soon too!

Snow Yetti's,the boxes are a bit bigger so the second lid rooms are back!

Candy Forest,I need to finish painting the trees!

These are my super adorable Bubblegum cats.

Birthday Party crew! Ha I love this idea.

Custom ornies to go in shop can pick from a snowman monster,elf monster,santa monster or reindeer monster!!! I thank my friend for the idea as well she rocks!!
Busy busy weekend coming!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Supply Day

Woo Hoo! Today I get my new skulpey 111 BRIGHTS pack and some air dry paper clay to work on those tree houses!

I have a game in the works,thanks to a cool friend of my husband''s coming along I'm coming up with cards now...some fighting tools would be holy water balloons,foam swords and some bottled garlic water! Ha so that would mean the "bad guys" are vampires.And some hobgoblins....

The object of the game is to journey from Monster Town all the way to the Candy Forest.Theres obsticles in the way and you get 28 can move to the next square or your sent to the Spooky City where vamps are going to attack you....or your off to the Dark Caves where the hobgoblins live.

It's still a working progress....I may ask the folks at Dark Forest Games if they wanna help me out.It could be fun.......I am in such a great mood....yay!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

What I gathered

I learned that when setting up for a craft show everything needs to be right on the table spread out so people can see everything and can pick it up and check it out.

I had a cute house me and the boys painted for a display but it didn't work since everyone was afraid to pick things out of it.

I also learned that I should make art magnets,and more monster face keychains. Custom is rocking! I mentioned that to a few people and I may have a few from one to make monster sets and keychains!

All in all,,,,,be polite and friendly if you can (it could be painful sometimes) and just chat it up!

Trunk Show

I had an awesome,fun time at this show! The gallery is gorgeous and the people were cool.I loved the two artists I sat by as well,both sweet and fun and they had great items!

Sweetles man! I hope to be in another show at the Project 308 Gallery.

For those of you that love wine and get out the fancy wine glasses Michelle here makes some adorable MAGNETIC charms for your cup! great  for parties and dates!

She has a lot more in her shop so GO there and check some out!