Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey folks! I've been busy with other crafts and so far I have gotten three bottlecap magnets finished, and I LOVED making them, I forgot how much fun those are.

I also made a Halloween card for my mom, and also LOVED doing I think theres room in the future for more of those awesome fun crafts.

This weekend I should be making a supply run for canvases , paint and medium and small sized hooks!

"This idea Just thought up" I could use cool looking furniture knobs as coat holder hooks too!!!

Back to the update..

It is a sad thing to notice that the Hand Made world is on a slow end another year. I've been hearing how people with amazing crafts haven't been doing well.... but I'm thinking of the venues were at and I think if your at a craft show that's also a Flea Market or Yard Sale...your crafts are no longer in the spot light. So I think it's a great idea to stick with a Festival and craft show alone to get your work out and in the spot light.

I have no show coming up until December... and I'm not clear on the date yet but I am pretty happy to know it's at the coolest chic's art gallery in town so I know I'll do well and have a great time at this one!

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