Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baggie Bundles!

I have created a few baggies full of monsters and trees,the houses are $4.00 each.You can still get monsters with a bit of whimsy with the Bubble Monsters since they will always come with Monster Information telling you a little about themselves.

SO you can get one or two or more bubble monsters and maybe a house theres a full set and you can pick each one out. Or if you want a ton of adorable monster pals then grab a baggie bundle! And get trees too.

Super cool and still fun,great price and it's either an awesome collection all at once or a sweet play pack. I am happy to be bundling!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Time to move on

My monsters are my dearest babies,I fear I've made way too many! I am downsizing and cutting prices! I bombed with a bang at our craft show....But I did however get to trade a sweet coffee gal for a sweet orange table clothe which is perfect because it's soft and heavy and COTTON!!!! No more plastic for me folks!

I have decided to start making display monsters and ornamental ones.I'd like to get more other work in the mix such as my cool fabric coasters, Halloween and other paper mache boxes and my orginal artwork.  At my next craft show (the ghostlight theatre I'm hoping!) I will have these way cool offers..

Buy two theme packs for ten bucks
Pick your own set for 8 bucks
Load up the bag for 20 bucks...I'll also have my cool customize your own dollie or monster section! I had a lot of time for thinking at my parents ha!

I think I should do well at this show but I'd really like to squeeze in one before the Fall so I can stock up on some supplies for Halloween.I did love the show at the Pekin Fire hall so I may try and get that show as well...I'm on a budget so we'll see.

Stop in and see the price changes!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Craft Show

Alright it's time to get some monsters sold! Craft show and Garage Sale today...making cash for the trip to my parents house and supplies!

I am loving the all white clay lately since I can draw anything I want on the clay...my most fave is the coffee girl and cat I made.They hold a coffee cup and it looks adorable!

I am using an OLD camera for now and will have pictures of the show later on to post!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Back on the wagon and have an even cooler idea! If you can picture (my camera isn't working yet again) WOOD blocks.....large about 6" ones ...

I am going to get a few wood blocks from dad.... these will be a back drop scene.I can decoupage the blocks with different backgrounds like the tins themselves. They will have to be two sided since you may want to change the background at some point while playing! I will make it so you have two of the 6" blocks and they will have a scene that goes from one block to the next.You could have the sweet woodland woods on one side,then a creepy cute cemetery or pumpkin farm on the other side.

The tins I have now will make some really awesome homes and shops. The Witch's Diner is my most favorite since I LOVE coffee and witches....

Now picture behind this set....a scene of Spooky City's great Pumpkin Farm.Sweet right?
I could even work on a Tinsel Mountains scene and create a Christmas theme too if I want.....many many possible things could be drawn because I'm super good at it! Soooo it's not all bad when an idea flops I usually come up with another and this one is probably the better of them.Scene boxes have been bumped because the blocks are way cooler....boxes may be made for Scrap Dollies though because they need homes as well.....All in due time , those are for Winter creating since it takes me a long time to finish the room drawings....I have two little ones running around you know! haha

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Bad news to report.

The magnets on the monsters keep coming off....and I personally do not think it's such a great thing if there are tiny magnets all over the place when kids are involved.

Anyhoo I will be simply de-magnifying them and to tell you the truth I kind of dig them the same! Their still adorable and fun to collect. It's a bit easy since the bubble monsters and the others are great for adding onto the community.

Who knows I could make  tin parks and things you never know.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


I will be converting monsters to the magnetic side! You will have these types of non-magnetic available for collecting

And soon I'll be making felt cupcake toppers!!! Woo!!! pretty darn cool I think.

So far I have five magnetic tin sets made.....I will have them 100% completed as soon as I get the little homes finished.....My camera's battery has died so my picture taking is on hold again....as soon as the battery is replaced I will post all the sets together.

Friday, July 5, 2013

My wheel is a spinning..

I love board games, and I want to create a world you can play with my monsters. I realize this will take a while to plan but I really love the idea of maybe creating miniature "realms" and have it so you collect them or just have the set and you create a world or something like it...Like I said it's an idea spinning around....

I may take some time to come up with my game idea....


My camera doesn't work at all now........and I'm betting that has something to do with it's cheap price on ebay.

I was going to snap a shot of the four new adorable scrap dollies I made,but of course I have bad luck with cameras. I can at least I can describe them for you all..

One zombie girl
One Vampire  boy
One icing girl
and One grmdrop boy

Their so darn cute...I'm making more I have Marla already listed in the shop if you need to refresh your mind on what Scrap Dollies look like...

She's a doll ain't she? haha! I hope to have a new camera soon...especially since I'm going to see my family and I have my Garage sale Craft show coming up....bummer when the items you really need are broke!