Friday, November 30, 2012

New bag idea

I have found the new bags I want for my monsters!

I will draw a cool monster house on the front and my logo on the back with some magical fabric makers!

This is cool because now with the bags you can have more of a long term storage for the monsters and their homes.....and you can fit more in as you get them.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sadly there were no new boxes in the mail today....but I made more monster packs and now I have a few more dollar promo monsters!

I made a super cute awesomely odd monster I think I'll name him Eddie...

He's inspired me to sew more like him so they can all sit in the many ice cube trays of homes neearby.Eddie is a mini snow yetti....he loves anything chilled or ice....

I am all ready for the Trunk Show this weekend I can't wait! I hope they have coffee if not I'll take some but I bet they will.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Super awesome mini drawings

I am also bringing along some of my drawings.......

I thought these two were really cool...I love the frames!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cool Play house and mat sets

This morning I was wondering if it's a good idea to make seperate sets with only the houses and playmats.I think it is because I want to make a tree house with a box inside or a cubby like hole inside.So if I'm to work on these I'd need more white clay and thats fine it's at good old Walmart for 6 bucks. I may construct cool huts and things like the first sets I was doing...

The little huts and the treehouse are all clay painted and stuff.It's a fun set and my most original. Thats also my first playmat.The trees were also white clay and then painted. So in the long run using all white clay is cheaper but it does take more time......right now I'm still working on new cotton candy and lollipop trees.....But they look cool.The monsters in this set are as tiny as the old 80's polly pockets and I have no probs with that it looks way cute but I got some comments from mothers about how small they are......but it's the idea their pocket size to make play time easy to take along with you!

I do need to get new storage for if you want to take them along but the mini boxes won't really set well in your pocket (but they do fit) you can carry them in a drawstring bag....those are now easy to find in etsy supplies so after the Holidays I may start adding those instead of the plastic could also be possible to sew on some keychain rings to hang them on your backpacks.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm baking up a bunch of monsters! I finished 25 new Holiday one dollar promo monsters! A few elves,some snow yettis, snow bears and some Birthday monsters.

And a bunch of adorable Christmas elf pins and best friends monster faces for either keychains,pins or pendants for necklaces or I can make three different sets.

I ran our of ball chain chains a long time ago...but stumbled upon two! So I can make a set of BFF necklaces,BFF keychains and BFF pins.

I made my sons' some shark monsters which are interesting to behold.

I should have my boxes on thursday and then I'll have a TON to finish for friday night so I can set up for my trunk show on Saturday which is at the Project 308 Gallery from 12am-6pm I am so EXCITED!!!! It's going to rock.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ink Doodles and amazing music

I had an urge to draw tonight while listening to The Cure.Robert Smith has the voice of a dream.So he inspires me and many others.

I tend to draw my dearest ones while I doodle...I love each doodle but I'd have to say the 4th is my favorite!

****In other news *****
I will be in the Trunk Show at the local 308 Gallery in town! Very very exciting I'm even bringing all my originals with along. I can't wait I'm making displays this weekend already! I'll post pictures since it's going to be amazing in the galllery!


I got new clay,and have been working on some adorable shelf sitters and more monsters!!! I ordered my super cool boxes and they will be here next week.I'm currently testing the clay bails I made to make pendants and keychains.

There happens to be an awesome gallery in town now! I seen them setting up a while ago and was interested in going in....then I seen their having a trunk sale next week how cool! So I called asap because they have one spot left for the show and I really really really hope I can get in.Only $20.00 bucks for a show and you pay when your there....thats so so so cool man.They also have dance classes there which is so neat.

I hope I can participate in a lot of their activities since their in town and their locally owned.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas is almost here....but have a Happy Turkey Day!

Hey peoples....theres an upcoming show in December I should be able to's close to the house and it's in two weeks...just enough time to get inventory up and to get an application in!

New listing to come in the shop

You Choose
Your own Monsters
Your own House
Your own Theme!

Super fun and really cute.These should be up maybe next month or January.I need my boxes!
And I'm getting these

Which means COLLECTABLE only monsters,they will be super tiny and only five of them.I can't wait! And I have some fun adorable gumball cats ready to be placed in your very own monster home ! I need to get started on my takes longer than you'd think! Maybe I'll work on clay foods since I ran out of my white clay.We will soon see!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Contest

This is my first ever contest and I hope it goes well!

Be the first to buy a stocking stuffer gift thats on sale in my shop right now and get a FREE customized Monster of any size 1/16ths on and inch up to 2" tall!!!

It can be an elf,cat,bear,taffy,gumdrop,gumball cat,vampire or skeleton or a yetti monster!

Or if you can think one up that too!

All you have to do is...

1. Go to my shop
2. Buy any "stocking stuffer" which are on sale
3. copy and post your bought item here in the comments section

The first peson to buy,copy and post wins the Customized Monster!


Contact me in my etsy shop and I will get your address from you and the information on your monster and send it out to you asap!

Woo Hoo lets start the contest!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Idea

I have some of my monsters in the Dark Forest store in town and I am so thankful I wanted to make something that the gamers and card players themselves could use and I think some card boxes would be cool!

So if and when I can I'll pick up more white boxes and get to work,some zombie art,vampires and all those fantasy characters I make  will look great on top! And some figurines to display.....I'm off to doodle! I have a cute and creepy demon girl drawn up that may look cool on one.

So some thins to look forward to seeing in my shop are figure skulptures of my monsters and some fun mini ornaments.

I need white clay,this way I can make TONS of little monsters and paint them all.The toys will be the colorful clay because it just makes sense.

Phew,busy in the noggin!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Monstrous Baubles Christmas ornaments!

Their huge and super cute and a ton of fun for your Christmas tree!

Compared to the adorable toys,these are more round and have cute scarves and hats.

I named the blue snow yetti,Harrold the vampire is,Vincent and the cat monster is Joan. Their 11/2" by 11/2" Their going up in the store as of now! More to come soon....maybe even in threes....and different sized too.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In loving memory of a sweater

I use to have the most awesome sweater jacket.It was a soft cozy black and white striped design.....but unfourtanetly time has punched me down  and it no longer fits.I did have this sweater since I was 15 so it has lasted a long time.

My sweater will live on as one cool stuffed bear circus monster.He will sit on my shelf and make me smile! I may be able to also make two smaller ones from the sleeves and give them some fancy buttons and interesting items to light up some one elses rooms.......Once I have batteries again I will post the progress of these funtastic monsters.

November 20th 2012

Here he is....I finished him!

Yep there he is Rupert he's a big bear and will sit up high and watch things go by.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not a thing

I have too many ideas so I've been making different things here and there,starting things and not finishing them.....I will be getting more boxes to make more monster homes....I want more up for Christmas their perfect stocking stuffers!!!

No batteries left a dilemma for now. I have two bigger sets now

I'm working on cooler playmats....they look more appealing with flowers and water...I should work on other stuff soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

They are finally here!

My awesome  Softie Monsters!!!

Rictus and Helena

They were hand stitched,took me awhile to finish too! I used some old shirts for these since I didn't have enough to buy new fabric yet,they look awesome! My stitch is closer and it looks a lot better in my opinion.....I should learn the blanket stitch maybe?

More soon,these two are 11" and 10" so it may be awhile before I do more.But I'm adding some felt monsters soon!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Softie Monsters

I just made my first set of Monstrous Baubles plushies...

I love the whole idea! The bag is a mini canvas one about 4" big and I added a velcro closure which went in without sewing which is amazing,but I should sew them in just in case! This whole set wasn't as hard to make as I if I could just get more felt and maybe some fleece?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am going to be grouping my Mini Communitites together to create bigger communities. So instead of one set you get three little houses,two felt play mats,and six monsters.

And I'll have the one sets for Stocking stuffers on sale! I'm working on simple softie monsters for younger kiddos.The only piece to worry about is the face on the monsters but if you watch your little ones with them they won't come off.....the face would have to be chewed a lot to even come off!

I had an example monster

I think this design is cute,simple and fun for little tykes! Their not too big and not too small.
I have new felt (thanks to me awesome husband) and I can stitch up some monsters and work on Monstrous Baubles towns and accessories now.I have a Christmas Village in the works now and a trade order to get to baking!
I may be working on more cave like homes this weekend .....I like the idea of a one monster home and more tree houses.We'll see clay isn't cheap!But I do have white clay and it is only 6 bucks a pound which rocks!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Update

I am quite the chatter box...anyhoo I am going to sit back and work on just the Farms and other parts of the Monstrous Baubles community....This is a list of what I came up with for cool towns and villages....

Monster town
Spooky City
Candy Corn Fields
Cotton Candy Farm
Flower Fields
Lollipop Village
And I'm thinking of Tinsel Town for a Christmas village.

I have had ideas pop into my head and my cousin's ideas conjured ideas as well...for instance..

In Lollipop Village there will be bubble gum sheep that instead of your average wool from a sheep they have bubble gum growing on their back.Small bite size ones I believe!

I want to also work on a small field of tiny candy corn that you can set on an orange or yellow felt mat....I could also stripe the mat some how.

I have ideas of lollipop flowers too that can be picked....tall flowers like Alice has seen in the fields......tons of ideas I want to work on.It will take a long time to have everything done but as soon as I do I'll list like a mad hatter!


I have the first larger Monstrous Baubles set done!

Their bigger and better....more fun the felt lawns are a whole 12" square!
It will take me awhile to come up with the Monster Metropolis but I will work little by little.I would definetly like to have some stickers to offer as well,so weekends I will work my butt off! Hopefully by Christmas I'll have a large assortment up in the shop!

Monday, November 5, 2012

New Set

Here it is! This is what the new sets will look like

The only problem was the outside,it started to smear so I have to make a different house for the monster set.....But it won't take too long.You get a 12" felt mat for a grassy scene! it's awesome and you can just have it set up with the box closed and them in their backyard.I made taller trees and blue berry bushes.I'm going to work on more acessories for the monsters but it's going to take forever since I'm not so good it tiny hats and things quite yet.I was thinking of making fun winter hats and scarfs for the winter sets,and other miniature things.......More to come in the future!

New Sets are arriving!

I have started Larger Monstrous Baubles sets....the homes are 4" by 4" and the monsters are 11/2" tall the monster kids are 1" and they come with a cool monster pet which are the usual 1/2" or smaller.

It's awesome the rooms are bigger and you can make out the design better more details and the outside of the box are even drawn up so you can have a backyard and the outside of the house.Theres a velcro closure to close the homes up!

So now the original sized monsters will be cute fun collectable ornaments and I have some adorable elf monsters ready to list soon as well great for Christmas!

SOOOO I should have those ready this week sometime! I'll post pictures later!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Brainstorms!

I kept coming up with ideas and the more I kept on lining up small houses to the larger one I thought it was a mess to work with......I am thinking of making my sets bigger and more fun to play with.

I'm also thinking of listing a cool item.....Monstrous Pocket plushies.You can pick from an assortment of faces and monster styles....They'll be made from different color felt .....More updates when I come up with them!

Friday, November 2, 2012


I am going nuts brainstorming new ideas for my toy sets.I came up with the idea of just adding my smaller houses into the larger pencil box sized ones.....I have had a bunch of comments on how small my monsters were but I believe them being smaller is a great thing so they can be a part of a bigger community of monsters inside my pencil box sized sets.

The lid is actually where the metal would go and you can have some trees and a house or two set up there on the sides.Inside I would have a hand drawn or painted scene of hills and stuff and the houses would sit on the bottom there too.If I had enough metal squares I could cut it to size and fit it inside the entire box like my first initial plan of the magnetic community.....But I'm still not sure since I don't know how strong the squares are.But as soon as I can pick up the supplies I can start on testings! Mwwwahaha! I will keep updating.