Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm extremely happy to be making my miniature play sets again, but I'm wanting to give them a better bag to go in to carry around and store a little better than a plastic baggie....I'm thinking of the muslin bags with the drawstrings.

 Perfect size! Plus I can doodle the home image onto the bags, and put my shop address on the back!

Oh and if you didn't notice yet, with the new sets I used a super bright light for pictures and they look so much better!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I finally got something done! I cleared the craft room out and finished another two mini toy sets!

I have more houses all painted and ready to be finished, I may get to those today but I can always take my time and do a house once a day maybe? As long as my chores are done (beh!) .

Check these cool sets out here...

I'm still thinking of a way to create a larger back drop kind of set, where all the smaller homes fit inside. So as soon as I figure that out I have many mini homes to make! I couldn't get the key holders up and ready this week so maybe after Halloween I might? I do know I have new paint so I can get some interesting found objects painted!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Backwards a bit

I did not get the supplies I really wanted this weekend but I did get my Halloween costume so I'm still stoked!

I may work on some Holiday felt ornaments or bottlecap magnets. Maybe some clay stuff... don't know yet.

The wonderful craft room is almost cleared out and ready to be crafted in. I have a few things to pick up and organize then I'll be all inspired by the space to create!

Monsters are still on sale in the shop!

OH that's right, I  have some paper mache homes to work on too....I just might do that too, so many things ahhh!!!! I could possibly make one of each! I may try that too.

Off in my pajamas while it's super crazy windy out to craft and merrily drink my coffee.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey folks! I've been busy with other crafts and so far I have gotten three bottlecap magnets finished, and I LOVED making them, I forgot how much fun those are.

I also made a Halloween card for my mom, and also LOVED doing I think theres room in the future for more of those awesome fun crafts.

This weekend I should be making a supply run for canvases , paint and medium and small sized hooks!

"This idea Just thought up" I could use cool looking furniture knobs as coat holder hooks too!!!

Back to the update..

It is a sad thing to notice that the Hand Made world is on a slow end another year. I've been hearing how people with amazing crafts haven't been doing well.... but I'm thinking of the venues were at and I think if your at a craft show that's also a Flea Market or Yard Sale...your crafts are no longer in the spot light. So I think it's a great idea to stick with a Festival and craft show alone to get your work out and in the spot light.

I have no show coming up until December... and I'm not clear on the date yet but I am pretty happy to know it's at the coolest chic's art gallery in town so I know I'll do well and have a great time at this one!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


I finished my painting...

I love it!

I'm putting all monsters on sale... this time there will be $5.00 Baggies full of monsters and some trees too. Bubble monsters for a buck each too!

The larger monsters I made (clay dolls) will be morphed into a mixed media piece! This is the one I'm sending to my mom and dad for Halloween..

The candy corn boy will hold a cute paper sign that says "Happy Samhain" and I'm painting a nice black trim around the sign. That's their card! haha...

So what you'll see from me in the next few months will be...

Hand painted canvas key holders
Hand Painted wooden coat and hat hangers
Bottle cap magnets
Mini paper mache toy sets perfect for on the go!

I will not be making anything else even if I have a major brain fart of an idea!

I only sold one doll at my show and the one I did October 1st I only sold two...most are only interested in the clay so I'm prepared to group the dolls for a buyer on etsy! or someone local. Theres at least 12 of the dolls left so I'm putting them together. Check in the shop soon ... I'll be busy all week so I'd expect new stuff maybe Friday or Sunday of next week.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Well I've narrowed the ideas down and I'm going to work on canvas paintings that are also key holders, coat and hat racks made from my paintings on wood, and my mini pocket sized toy sets that fit inside a sweet paper Mache box.

What I'll work on secondly are ornaments for the Holidays and elf themed paintings for Christmas and loads of coffee Diner themed ones as well.

 My painting in waiting...I ran out of paint so now I's a hard thing to do but I think I can make it!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Update #2

Many ideas are swishing around so here are more...

Plush ornie scrap Holiday forms.
For example...

Something along the lines of these monsters. I'll make elves with cool hats and they'll hold things like presents or cookies or a sign or a mix of stuff.

And I'll be getting some paintings on canvas made to list as well!

I'm thinking elves with cool fancy hats....

And more of my bottle cap magnets...

These are my festive Autumn magnets... and pins. Hand drawn... I like drawing itty bitty!

So that's what I had in my mind swishing around today and yesterday....Loads to work on this weekend.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I was thinking it would be a really cool idea to create three different parts to my Spooky City and paint them each into the white pencil boxes I've already been using.

1 Pumpkin Farm
2 Cemetery
3. Bat Cove

This way you can collect the different parts and have a new set for each one!

1.Monster Town is really the major town where everything happens. There are shops and places to  eat and get some coffee.

Boyd and Evie's Diner is the first place I have in mind....I need to create a grocery store, mini mall, and possibly a little park.

2 The Flower Fields

3.Candy Forest

Then theres the Tinsel Mountains but I don't have many parts to them since I don't make many polar monsters but I will soon since the Holidays are closing in.

So it's a plan in progress.... may take awhile to finish them all.
I'll keep you updated on the new scenes!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Still no batteries... I had enough to battery juice to indulge you in this painting..

It's the first of my "poster" designs...the next will probably be what I've been thinking of a witch with wind in her hair and leaves blowing around.

My package of paper mache boxes didn't come yet but I had three left over ones so I painted them all and finished one for my skeleton couple.

I'm deciding to buy those larger pencil boxes with the latch on.....then I can make the larger sets. The smaller paper mache boxes will go to those.

I also made a larger message monster, it's a witch and she holds a sign that says "Happy Samhain" I love her! I'll post pictures asap!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Craft Weekend

I'm still debating the printed monster fabric.... it's actually cheaper for me to just doodle them with fabric markers..... and I may turn the dolls into ornaments and keychains.

I will be pairing up monsters for their homes and then the bigger ones will be in their packs.
I may be getting the hooks I need for my key holders and then for my coat hangers.... Busy Busy Busy weekend!

I think I'm in need of a few table displays. I think a 3 tier cupcake holder would be cool!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Spoon flower seems to be popping up every where and I went to investigate. I do think it may be worth the 15-20 bucks to create a yard of MONSTER FACE fabric!!

I can get as many monster faces I can fit onto a sheet of computer printing paper and have it printed onto a YARD of fabric. A yard isn't like a ton of fabric but it's the most perfect amount for me to come up with faces to stitch onto felt monsters or Matryoshka dolls!

I'm a bit excited to see if I can make this happen. I have a ton on my creative plate so maybe some Holiday Matryoshkas will be made?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Crafting

This weekend I will be crafting..

Clay Ornaments for Halloween
Hinged tin play sets
Paper Mache' houses
And I will be pairing up my already made monsters into monster packs of 2 again.
I feel the monsters themselves are super adorable and unique and they should definitely be priced so. I think a pack of two monsters should be $4.00 and for the mini pack of two monsters inside their sweet paper mache' house should be $8.00. The work I put into drawing each room and painting the boxes should not come up so short.

My tin play sets are priced fairly as well.... I draw the background (any you can think of) then I take a paper mache' box (their all 1") and paint them add the small doodled rooms inside and then theres a tiny home for the tin set. It takes me about two to three days to finish I have a funtastic weekend of crafting insanity! and these are most usually all finished up then.

I may be able to create maybe one or two coat and hat hooks too.... I will need my hooks and wood scews first.

Monday, October 7, 2013


I decided to re open my Etsy shop.

I'll offer local pick up still, it makes it easier though since if your form the area and you would like to come pick your order up then I can give you an online coupon that makes shipping FREE!

I know that I always shut etsy on and off but I really think I was only mad at etsy because I wasn't selling much and it's not the site's fault.

I have new items coming out soon and I will update everyone on whats going on later on in the week or tomorrow.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Solid Ideas

The Plans>>>>>

I came up with a cool idea that is also functional as well as art....

Hand Painted Coat and hat hangers, Mail sorting wood key holders,And some felt coasters, and door hangers or ornies.

The first painting to become a coat and hat hanger will be..

The Pumpkin Patch
 The hook will go on the bottom!
It will look adorable on your wall!!! Since it's a wood coat hanger you would just need to drill it to the wall but I might just get some metal round hooks then you could drill those onto the wall instead....
I'll be getting ready for my second show on the 19th soon and hopefully have at least two more coat holders and two of the wooden key holder mail sorters too!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ideas are a brewing!!!

Alright, I'm set with the bunches of monsters I have all made. Now I'm going to get more hinged tin play sets started....and I'll be getting more smaller tins with the lids that pop on and off for the "Pick your own" play sets! The kids and their parents got a kick out of those and the felt carpets I glued inside....very cool indeed.

NEW project brewing..

Round Paper mache ornaments that already have the string handles attatched.I'll paint up some Christmas ones and coffee themed since I LOVE coffee! OOohh I will also throw in cupcake themed ornaments too.

The plan with the paper mache ornies is to paint them up fancy and add on some fancy crepe paper and maybe glitter? Or some hand made clay embellishments.

I do think that maybe the singular monsters were a bit high and the Bubble Monsters went well since they were $2.... I'll have all the single monsters back to $2. Scrap Dollies will be $1 play sets will always be $12 because they take the most time to finish. I think I'll work on the tins separately and get those done before I start on any other monsters.

Supplies in check...
I need

Round paper mache  ornies
Paint (I adore apple barrel!!!)
Fabric Markers
Maybe some cool trinket boxes
Small tins

I hope to get paypal on here soon!

Woo Hoo!

I did swell at the Festival!  I made a few sales which is enough for supplies!
I was in a room full of sweet people and I had some cool folks stop and make great comments on my monsters. The kids were digging the toy sets.....They really loved picking them and checking out all the different monsters I had out which was neat to see.

I sold a few scrap dollies...they may be 1.00 each since their scrap dolls...and the singular monsters will be $2.00 each now.The toy sets will do a lot better as soon as I get more made to pick from.

I had a ton of fun hanging around other crafters and getting a few local contacts for pick up orders in town!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Festival

It is finally here!!! My town's Fall Festival is happening tomorrow from 11am to 4pm and I am READY!!!

All I have left to do is paint some trees and finish up on table displays.

I have a sweet deal happening at the fest

YOU PICK!!! your own mini play set.
Two Trees
Two Monsters
and one green felt play may or purple!
only $8.00!

I hope I have the felt I need, I can get some tonight hopefully...I still haven't grabbed my necklaces from the shop in town but I think I'll let them hang around a bit more...

Totally excited this is my FIRST ever Festival!!!! And I'm so thrilled it's in town so I can walk to the event and admire the gorgeous Fall beauty on my way.

Oh I hope I do well... should be super fun with all the activities and I have a pal sitting beside me as well who is lending me a tent because she's a sweet chica!!!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Blog Shop

Soon I will have paypal on here so you can buy from me directly on here! I will be offering FREE shipping for any local shoppers in town so you can PICK UP your orders!

It may take a few days for this to be completed but until I have the blog shop up and running I will have my Facebook page for you to go on and if you'd like to order something let me know and I'll give you the price and you can PICK UP the order for FREE!!!

More to come soon thanks everyone!