Sunday, November 3, 2013


Been a few days... I am working to get 100 items in the shop. This task is a bit harder than I was thinking.... but I will have at least another 20 up soon.

I made another three mini sets, and there are three more on the way after..... Three bookmarks in the works, and six bottle cap magnets on their way as well.

I may be getting the darn canvases this week, I do know  I will b getting a couple FREE from a super cool craft buddy....I thank her a ton for the goodies... it's always good to save and give someone else more space in their crafting room!

I'm still wanting the drawstring bags, they are a sweet idea for sure, I may issue out like a larger set with one of those bags with just a larger felt grass mat and maybe three mini homes and maybe 4" boxes for shops and cafes or something...and treeees!!!!! Gotta have TREES! I think that's a superb gift pack idea for my show in December ...indeed it is!

I am sitting on low with ornies.... been thinking of getting shrink plastic for those or maybe just making paper ones.Which paper ones aren't so bad, can even add glitter.

That's the news for now folks,,,, stop in my shop SALE items still up!

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