Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy thinking

I am currently thinking of new play mat designs right now, Alright I have no pictures ready yet, but heres the lay out......

These are the designs in mind for each Monster Village

Tinsel Mountains
White felt 9x12" felt square, it will have a sweet warm chocolaty coa coa stream running for all the  elves, yettis and snow bears to warm up with. The entire mountains are surrounded by snow so I'm thinking plain snow cones are on the menu!

Flower Fields

Light Green 9x12" felt square with pretty daisies and a clear blue water stream with rocks around!
Gnomes, humans, etc

Spooky City

Dark Green 9x12" square with a normal water stream as well...stones and stuff around it.

Candy Forest

Puple 9x12" square that has a yummy white sugar stream for the candy monsters to keep candied! ha!! So in this village there is already Bubble Gum kittens, Gnomes,
Gum drop monsters the cupcake monsters....

I recently started bubble packs, those come with the "whats inside your bubble" sheets... I can start some collector ones for those who are interested in collecting them all.

More on the ideas later!

Old School! One of the first sets I've ever made....too tiny though...but this is the general idea to the play can see the flowers and water stream shown in the picture....this was a Gnome village in the Flower Fields. I could make tid bits about the monsters villages and stuff too....I have some free time on the weekends we'll see what happens.

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