Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Leela is almost finshed! I have her arms and legs and bod drawn she is waiting to be sewn.

I think she's a Roller Derby loving punk rock cat gal. She has a cat ears hat,and a cool get up! I LOVE her...I'm afraid to sew her up but I will either tonight or tomorrow.I won't be making another one until the weekend I think.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hand Stitching a fabric doll

I admit I love to hand sew.I have tried to stay away but it's addictive and I enjoy it!

I am taking me time and creating some one of a kind fabric doll monsters and kids.....I started to work on a kitty girl.She is made from all white muslin cotton accept her legs which will be neon pink and black leopard print,also muslin fabric.

She's looking good so far...No name picked yet since she's not done.......

                                         Arms all stitched and stuffed!
                                            Legs will be stitched and stuffed tomorrow.
                                 The body is ready for stitching soon......She's going to be at least 15" tall and 5" wide! I am hoping she is loved by someone like I love making her!!! I'm taking my time with these so they look adorable! 

Thats the only problem with hand sewing,it takes longer but once your done you adore your creation a little more!

Monday, February 25, 2013

My messy crafting space and some neat stuff

Today has been moving fast! I must finish cleaning my craft space though!

I'm trying to stitch a new doll...and I wanted to much to make a big fabric doll but I came up with a smaller one which reminds me of Barbies,but way cooler!

This is my practice scrap doll,she was made from some scraps sitting around and she turned out so cute.

She's so freaking sweet!!! I love the face...I suppose thats whats so great about my dolls their faces are so unique and lively with a bit of charm. I need to think of a good name......Maybe we could have a contest?? I do know that this is what I'll be listing soon maybe in time for easter..."Scrap Dollies" .Their not perfect but their fun and small,and super adorable! You could put them in your dollhouse too! AH HA! her name will be April....she'll have friends too,maybe I can get her some monster pets.

Fabric Doll

Once again I am attempting a whimsical doll.......So far so good.I did a tiny one (scrap doll) and she's adorable! The only problem was I went to stitch her arms and legs on first to the back side.....the only bad thing is you can see that I did.SO what I should have done was doubled up the fabric.

So for the bigger one I'm working on this will not happen...I will double up the fabric and make sure the stitchings are hidden. Arms and legs are being sewn up first....I have some white fabric to use for those.

I really hope to achieve this some day....

These amazingly sweet dolls were made by Tashi should probablly go and stare at her many cute dolls! I actually hope that you do!!

Mine won't have hair like these ...the same drawn on faces will be,I need my white muslin fabric and I'll be set! Believe it or not I will go to Walmart and hit that one buck section....I'm still loving the fabrics I picked up about two months ago!!

Sooo.....perhaps you will see something like these sweet dolls in my shop some day,for now I am practicing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monstrous Baubles,short stories

I have many mini stories on each monster pack and set and now I'm getting the urge to write mini zines on these monsters of mine.

I'm going to start some rough drafts and brainstorm for a bit,keep the proofs and any time someone wants an issue I can pull the rough  draft out and write one up!!

I'm starting with the introduction to Monstrous Baubles......I hope to have one up soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Freakishly sweet Crafting helpers

So I did a trade with this really cool gal last week....and she gave a lot of monsters a new home!

What I got was a sweet surprise!

Samantha is one of my best helpers around the craft room

She's holding onto some monsters I need to list and pack up!
And her little buddie Trudy who keeps her entertained!

And of course the BIG guy Moose! He was first to arrive and is my fluffiest freak and will probablly go on trips to my parents' house!

He watches over everything for me! I love these guys and if you'd like your own Frankenbaby visit Angela's shop and I bet she'd love to create you one.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long time no post

It's been a bit but heres an update!

I sold six of my monster packs...lovely! I now have five more listings to add to the shop.
I got some canvas tote bags to turn into some awesome art bags for you to carry your belongings in....and I should have another Gumdrop plushie up soon!

Not much excitement going on .....This weekend I will be meeting with my awesome Crafters Group!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I have a sweet Punkabilly couple in the shop,all drawn and looking awesome!

Babette and Reed

Gumdrop kittens are on their way as well!

Theres also another Punkabilly couple in the works...all listed this weekend !

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gumdrop Plushie Monsters

Sweet! Here are some adorable small monsters that are soft and cuddily and great for everyone!

Henry and Margie! Their the same shape as my clay ones,but can be lightly washed by hand and air dried! Another option for little ones (4 and up) to pick from....yay pretty cool!
So I ran out of white clay and have been anxiously waiting for some....I'd like to work on some all drawn sets soon..seems like it's taking forever! Stop into my shop and use the  coupon code MONSTROUSBAUBLES when you check out for 40% off anything in the store!

Awesome drawstring bags

I have started drawing on bags! This is one I made for myself but will list some in the shop soon.

Way cool for the library this Summer,I have many ideas already for more bags...I'm guessing some will be in the shop March some time.I used Sharpie fabric stain markers..they work perfectly,I did some new Gumdrop plushies with them too...I love the I painted it on!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Note Page

I'm thinking of  doing individual sets in groups.

First up I'd say Spooky City
What you get in a pack
Four Vampires
Four Skeletons
Two Demons
Dark green felt lawn
Four Fall trees
Mini Cemetery
One giant spooky hotel

I think I'll work on one set at a time....I really love Halloween and cute spooky things so I'm working on it for awhile. This set will be done with marker on clay.
I just got a super sweet pack of sharpies!!!! Swwwweeeett!

I also got some real cool sharpie fabric markers to work on some fun totes and backpacks.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Long time since I gave an update! Anyhoo I'm working on Monster Sets soon some necklaces and my Easter Bunny monster tic tac toe game!

I also decided that I might be sewing house fronts on mini tote bags for the Monster sets,,,,you get
A set of monsters

I may change the items but thats the idea going around in my brain. I also want to draw on muslin totes with fabric markers which I think will be fun!

I want to do 5x7 drawings but I always get distracted some how. I'll be getting white clay this weekend and doing some classic monsters (Dracula,Wolfman and The Creature) and some witches because I like them! I'd like to get a new set of markers too we'll see.