Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family Photo

The Father,The Creature,The Wolfman and The Bride of Frankenstein...we all had fun trick or treating and stuffing our face until we all feel nice and sick!!!

Next year no masks...Dante would not wear his hat so he ended up looking like a lumberjack but an adorable Lumberjack at least. Happy 8 years and more to come!!

Happy Halloween!!!!

It has been 8 years since I was married to my awesome,handsome amazing and smart husband! He was my best friend first and still is....we now have two amazing,cool boys and live a normal life.

It's the one and only night spirirts and goblins roam the earth,careful of their twisted games and trick or treat until the dawn breaks! Happy Samhain everyone!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I may be listing some things around the house on ebay....hopefully it sells if not no biggie,but it will go to supply money and gift money because I love buying things for my family!

So keep an eye out because I have cool Converse shoes that refused to fit Dante's feet which really bummed me out they were Dr.Suess and I happen to be a fan!

I will be taking a break from etsy working for ebay...short break to work on listings for ebay for a change and it shouldn't be too hard for me. SO every morning I'll be tapping away at the keyboard!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Hoedown

This gal is taking her little guys to the school dance,a couple of classic monsters on the dance floor!

I hope to get some good pictures! Then next week we'll get the family picture taken!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

mindless Babbles

I have come to the conclusion that I am just in need of keeping my hands busy with crafts.I don't really like sewing as much as I LOVE to work with clay.....I just want to be able to sew but I don't believe I really can.But it will always be something I do on and off as a tiny hobby.

Using the sewing machine may take me a lot longer that I'd like....I lost the manual and now have to download one and my pedal is missing.

But this weekend I will have my new clay ,metal squares and hopefully the magnets I need.

I have been thinking of different monster sizes,,,1/16s of an inch ,1" and 11/2" the box sizes will be bigger....but for now I'm sticking with the size I'm using.....Some people think how small the monsters are and don't know of the Squinkies and the smaller ones that are in stores.My monsters are the same size.

Well that concludes my babble of the morning.

Thursday Faves

I am getting more and more into the miniature items and I really enjoy seeing them on etsy or in the toy store! Here are some favorite miniatures  from etsy!!

1An amazing dollhouse by LovelyMold! See more here

2 A sweet amazing TINY birdhouse by Otterine.
Find more cool minis here

3 A wonderful Italian by Miniacquoline

Find this and more on

And 4 One beautiful woodland home by Swanky Egg! Find more here

Check back for more Thursday Faves next week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jack O' Lanterns

Me and my boys got our pumpkins ready for some lighting this week!

I'll take more pictures when our Jack O' Lanterns are outside all lit up and glowing!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Miniature madness

I am going nutty over miniatures! I am in love with the idea of collectable sweet strange and odd monsters.SO I am going to go ahead and make more miniature monsters and I want to work on the magnetic monstrous baubles sets!!!!

Super excited with the idea of more miniature monsters! I'd like to also eventually have stickers available and gift sets for The Holidays..So if I get my clay and metal squares this weekend I'll be going insane making amazing things!

Shelf Sitting Monsters

Instead of making plush I came up with this guy

This is Scarecrow Sam! he's a sweet little scarecrow monster.   He sits at the top of any shelf and watches the world go around. I'm listing more of these cuties when I have more clay!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Brain cupcakes for The Walking Dead tonight at nine!!! Woo that show!

Yumma yummy...vanilla with orange icing and GUMMY BRAINS!!!

Plushie kid

This is one of the newer designs I came up with for the plush monsters...

She's so darn cute....I want to make more but I'm still broke! haha.....She's 4" tall I believe.I think she needs a little purse or something....I might be able to come up with one? I have felt and ribbon so when I have more craft time next weekend I'll work on one.I still need my metal squares! I think I'll name her Marigold.

And Halloween is in TWO mondays thats NEXT monday peoples! So I have trick or treat monsters for 30 some kids to get into some goodie bags and I need their candy! AHHHhhhh it sneaks up so fast!! We put our skeleton lights in the window ,maybe we should just do a window display every year? It's an idea.....

New to come

I will be working on plush monster kids....their going to come with a "over night" bag with a blanket and pillow.......I need fabric before I start and as of now I don't have any! I did ok at my show but didn't make enough for all the supplies I need.

So I have a few Holiday ideas in the making and should be done with them around then.....I'm working on some mystery monsters too...I have 2 boxes for that right now...I should be listing them this week.

More Monster news later!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A better idea

I was searching for another way to make the bigger monster sets and found colored metal 4x4" squares! Green and pink....I can make a few different connecting sets that make a huge one to make your entire Monstrous Baubles set complete!

Soooo if this idea works I can replace the felt lawn with the metal ones and start making magnetic sets! I'm excited but don't want to get estatic about it incase it doesn't work.

Sweetles item! Woo Hoo!! I hope these squares work! Theres the green for most sets and the pink for my Cotton Candy Farm! Nice I say!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monster Update!

I fixed the problem with smearing monster faces....I only put one layer of mod podge sealer on and some wax and it doesn't come off at all unless you were to scratch it off with your nails and I don't see why anyone would do that!

Heres a couple of the new and improved monsters

There are three monster packs and Frankenstein is part of a pack in the works.
Cupcake couple,zombie cupcake couple and a demon family.
And I have two more sets in the making
And a super awesome magnetic WORKING playset I have started.....

This set will be made from flat wood surfaces,magnets are places on the board,trees and hosues will have magnets on the bottom.I'm painting many layers on this one since I still need small silver earth magnets,those will take paint the best! The houses will have no lid because the inside will still be the house but if you want the appearance of just the house,you turn the house around and the front will show.I'm looking for bigger wood pieces too so they can be bigger.....I don't know when these will be up for sale hopefully by Christmas.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I am a Boggled woman

I'm having an artist's crisis I think! So today I was playing monsters with my son with my monsters and I noticed if you rub the face a bit much it smears.SO the problem in this may be the batch o clay I got or the clay didn't seal well enough.

I really love my clay monsters...on the other hand I want to make plush monstrous Baubles too.I even have a design I love.....I think maybe I should work on both.If I do well at the show I may get some new white clay from Michaels and see if thats the problem and pick up different cotton fabrics to work with as well.

These are some plushies I had made before....their all really cute and super fun and perfect for playing with......The green punk like troll was a custom made one and he's still played with and loved!

I would love feedback on the idea to continue sewing smaller plush monstrous baubles and baking up come collector monsters.Feedback please!

Thanks to you Dark Forrest !

After hoping to find a shop to do comission tonight I finally got 10 monster packs in a gamers shop and I thank them very very much because their awesome!

I hope they do well...I'm going to make some that suits the store....some classic horror monsters and other characters that fit their shop.

Woo Hoo!

Monday, October 15, 2012


I re-listed a few toy sets and I'll be finishing some trick or treat monsters this week.I'm going to start working on cupcake and cake topper monsters....I'd like to do bigger duo sets for Christmas like little elves and reindeer and candy canes!! My mom brough up Football monsters and I decided that when the Super Bowl pops up I'm making some cupcake toppers of the two teams playing.

AND also ornament monsters will be made....faces and body sets of four maybe? When I buy ornaments I usually want more than one unless your buying your baby's 1st ornies.Which is another awesome idea!

Ideas cram into my little noggin daily!! Stop in the shop and browse for Halloweenie toys!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

I decided this law isn't and couldn't be being could there be craft shows or an online Handmade Community on Etsy? I got freaked for no reason at all!

This law was passed back in 2008....for the smaller local owned buisness's like that of mine I don't believe are's the buisness's hitting the in store markets.

My toys are made from clay,markers and paint and wax all of which are NON- toxic.I write care instructions that state ages 4 and kids that teeth should own these and no babies!

I will have my toys back in the shop over night....Please stop in check them out.

In other Monstrous News

I have made three awesome monster duo sets for you to collect!

These will be in the shop sometime this weekend hopefully...or next week after the next show I'm in.

A bug in my eye

So yesterday I found out theres a law that says I can't make toys.In finding this out I am re-listing some monsters and coming up with more ideas.....these little guys will be AWESOME collector items and you can collect a whole bunch!!

This is the law stating there are no toys allowed to be handmade

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.....Due to lead found in toys in shops there was a law passed that no one is allowed to sell and make these toys unless they pay 100.00 or more to have each and every one tested.....A complete and total sad report on the behalf of my toys BUT now are Collectors and can still be bought to marvel and wonder at on top of a shelf....I will be taking my monsters down to re-list them as collector items...So please be patient thanks....

I have a few sets already in the making....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I noticed I was a day early....

I accdentally put up Thursdays faves,little too early!!!!

For today I listed a custom Monstrous baubles monster zombie set

If anyone else would like a custom listing just let me know I love doing them!

Thursday Favorites

Here are two really awesome items I love from etsy.

 Adorable bat scarf by The wonerful Bat girl

Visit her shop here


A spooky cute black cat sweater clip!

See more awesomeness here
Stop back next week for more goodies!

Monday, October 8, 2012

More monsters for the kids

I finished the all hand drawn monsters for Damien....Werewolf,witch,and the Creature....he could have been better though.

These were fun to do because I love to draw on anything! and their just basically 3D drawings.If anyone would like a custom monster done message me in the shop!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My toys rock!

I finished making my boys some 1" monsters some ghosts and pumpkins and the ones that need to finished are the Creature from the black Lagoon,a werewolf and witch......My ghosts go with any toy it boys were playing with the haunted house that Matchbox cars made.....

And special appearances by Mario and Lauigi are going on here as well haha!!! Very happy my toys make even my little guys entertained!
I have a few 1" monsters in the progress of listing......I'm grabbing some bigger boxes today hopefully and I'll have some real cool sets to list!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Alura is all stitched up!

I finished Alura last night,she's a cutie but doesn't have the same awwww,so adorable effect as my clay monsters to me....I would LOVE feedback at the bottom of this post on any feelings towards her.


Comments please! I'd love to know what you think of the plushie Monstrous Baubles!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Progress

Yeah,I know I did say NO MORE plushies.....BUT....I am working on hand drawn plushie Montrous Baubles as of now!

This is Alura Jones,she's a flower yetti.....I was recently inspired by an awesome plushie maker and I was like I want to make one!

I actually think I am good at hand drawn plushies....As long as I have the right fabric and my fabric markers and a fresh new pointy black outlining fabric marker...I will make some sweet soft monsters!
Alura is in the process of being it will take some time before I have a small community of these!

The plush Monstrous Baubles will be about 5" tall (maybe a bit smaller) and I may have them come with their own sleeping bag for bed time and taking on trips and sleep overs at Grandparents' houses or friends....I am excited!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey guys I'm having a sale ,buy 2 monstrous baubles mini communities and get another one FREE!!!

The sale is today until Next Tuesday night!

Stop in

I hope to see you there buying a cool monster set!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Trick or Treat monsters

Here they are all 23 monsters...ready for some Halloween goodie bags for my son's class!

 If anyone else would like some of these cuties just let me know! and my email I would be super happy to make you some!