Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I was thinking it would be a really cool idea to create three different parts to my Spooky City and paint them each into the white pencil boxes I've already been using.

1 Pumpkin Farm
2 Cemetery
3. Bat Cove

This way you can collect the different parts and have a new set for each one!

1.Monster Town is really the major town where everything happens. There are shops and places to  eat and get some coffee.

Boyd and Evie's Diner is the first place I have in mind....I need to create a grocery store, mini mall, and possibly a little park.

2 The Flower Fields

3.Candy Forest

Then theres the Tinsel Mountains but I don't have many parts to them since I don't make many polar monsters but I will soon since the Holidays are closing in.

So it's a plan in progress.... may take awhile to finish them all.
I'll keep you updated on the new scenes!

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