Friday, November 8, 2013

Scratch that!

Ok, I now have an idea laid out in my head of where I'm taking off with these "new" items of mine.
First off of course my most favorite to make will always be the miniature paper mache box monster and clay doll sets. I call some "clay dolls" because you not only can get monsters but I do make some humans as well!

What I have outlined..

This is a previous cat I had already made, the little cat lady is sweet and I'm thinking of naming her Coa Coa. I LOVE how adorable she is and how I can just color this in with markers....I initially started out making the monsters extremely tiny and they were colored in with markers. I want to bring that back for two reasons, One... it's cheaper's more fun to get my sharpies out and do what I love most,DOODLES!!!

What NEW items I have lining up..
Bottlecap Magnets
Paper Ornaments
Hand Painted canvas keyholders
I've wanted to say greeting cards, but right now I'm going to stay focused and make what I already have supplies for. Makes sense and I totally love bookmarks. You could even hang them up as an ornament too!

Another item was the coat and hat hangers, the key holders could double as those for now, and you can hang little ones coats and stuff up, maybe some your mittens?

My oldest son game me an idea last night.... he and his brother are into the trash packs and he likes how you can get them in a four pack, so he went on and was telling me how I need to start doing packs of four monsters each. I kind of do that already but he's right....I can do those instead of the packs of 2.

Supplies that will better my monster packs....

These are so much cooler than just your average plastic bag! These will be a better storage item to take your cute play set with you on the car ride to the store, grandma's or out to eat waiting for your grub! I'm going to put my monster's logo on front and make it mine!

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