Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Upcoming fun stuff

Coming to you soon !

Ornament Cards

These were for my family, but I'll be listing some like these that are laminated and some paper ones sealed with my mod podge!
More miniature sets will be in stock, I have a set in waiting and I'll list soon.... More to come are some bookmarks and bottlecap magnets, I'm going to list the magnets in sets of 4  so you can get a few for a gift or yourself.
So keep an eye out!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013


My hobby as seen above is adorable,sweet,fun,unique,miniature,travel size and puts a smile on everyone who sees these. But is always going to be a hobby. It's a sad thing for those crafters such as myself who had thoughts and dreams of their hobby to become a part time job or their career some how.

I have a million ideas and their just ideas, I won't really make them and I don't have the money or time to fall through will most. So what I will always be making that are available to play with or put into your collection are Monstrous Baubles miniature toys, my bookmarks and illustrations.

All other things I may think I'm going to do won't be done and I do not care any more. What I already make is cool enough for me and most important fun.

This post is mainly for me .... I need to talk to myself sometimes haha! Enjoy your holidays folks!

Friday, December 13, 2013


New set to come in April....

This play set looks like the others, only it's NOT! haha what is cool about these new ones....

I will have a scene of the outside already glued into the tin BUT, you will have two other scenes that will be laminated and have a small magnet on the back so it can be switched. The other two scenes will be.....The bedroom with a bathroom and the second will be the kitchen with an eat in table area!

Loads of fun with this set idea... the bottom will also change from grass to carpet or hardwood. I have a few tins left to work with, but tic tac toe will be different now..

I may make game piece monsters and humans for those who love checkers and tic tac toe or the DandD world.....I can have packs up to 10 for people to change up their game boards!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am one heck of a browser on Etsy ( a bit of an addiction really) and I love all of the diy projects available, but for those who aren't interested in sewing or having to I can't help but want to make my own kit's for little ones to embrace their creativity!

What I have in mind to actually make..

Kit #1

Create your own paper and clay monster or human

4 clay bodies
4 faces
8 arms
1 tube of mod podge glue
This is a cool set for those interested in a fun project at a Birthday party or a class !

Kit #2

No Sew Plushie

Fabric for body
Fabric scraps for arms and legs
Fabric glue (Allenees ok to wash glue)
Crayola Fabric markers
This one might take longer to make since it needs some pricey pieces!

Kit #3
Bottlecap Furniture
Bag of bottlecaps
Computer paper
mod podge glue
 Second one I'll put together since I have all these things in the house!

So two of these will actually be made... the make your own monster or human and bottlecap furniture, the others will have to wait since I need the supplies!

I'll post the first kits when I'm done getting them together!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another idea

I know it seems all I have are these crazy ideas? Well my blog is mainly for them and I really need to put them some where sooo here we go....

The magnetic toy idea....the thousandth one !

I want to use a pencil box , doodle rooms and seal them inside, the thing is from before when I was making the larger toy sets is.... they will be outlined and unfinished because the boxes will come with awesome rooms you can change!

I'm still thinking on the idea, but the science is..

Stick a magnet strip inside the box at the top on all three sides....then take the room doodleIf s and add a magnet on the backs of those...I did have this idea with the tins before but I'm thinking their too small....with the pencil boxes you get more moving room.... I'm laminating the rooms because it protects the doodles...

For the outside of the box I'll make the back magnetic so you can maybe change the scenes with the seasons. This idea would take me a pretty long time to work out since it involves a ton of doodling.

The new toy set I listed today is part of the magnetic sets....

These cuties are an inch tall, their super sweet too!  Soon in time I was planning on making little tables full of foods and drinks like the witch one I did....

They have a table with cupcakes and cookies! Little coffee cups too, I can make other drinks as well. I could provide little peeps with the dishes and have the option of dishes that are full of food or blank..cups aren't my specialty but if I work on them I could be!
but, I need to test this idea this weekend, tic tac toe tins are getting worked on too!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Just not into it... when will my brain ever learn... I don't like sewing much any more.

Maybe paper oriented toys will come about?



I am having the reoccurring thought of the idea I had to be able to change faces on dolls.

I have two ideas that are neat, one is a bit like other ideas ... the new one I am thinking of at this moment is sticker faces.

I may need to try this one out but the idea is to create a sheet of cool monster and human rag doll faces and stick them onto a self adhesive felt sheet!

First you have your sweet rag doll's body, then you also get a sheet of face stickers.

The idea is to be able to change the doll's appearance,maybe even make Halloween themed ones as well. The faces can be re-stuck to the doll a bunch of times... the felt I used with the sticky backside is indeed STICKY! I can make sticker sheets too for those who already have the set, they could buy more faces for their dolls.

interesting idea that I'm not sure of but I'm going to try it out.... perhaps I could come up with and idea to add on buttons and bows to make them cooler lookin!

In thought always,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And another!

Play mats

The Mat

Fabric Paint (I traded for!)
Button flowers


I could make a steam that has a Velcro dot on the back and you could move in wherever you want!

The first set that comes to mind....

Gnomes, Snow Bears

About the Yetis ..... I can also make those into bubble packs! Sweet!!

This thought, just in...

YETI FRIENDS! I will design the canvas mini totes for the YETIS!

Give these cuties some tin homes and BAM! Awesome toy set.


Another thing to paint!!!

Canvas tote bags!!!

These would be fun to carry around my toys in!
I had the idea awhile back to create these carrying bags for kids to take along their dolls and toys monster's house front would be the front of the bag!!!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

There goes those gears!

Alright I have this brilliant idea and it's awesome since kids can craft this as well!!!

Custom fun rag dolls!

So I usually make scrap dolls and to make them I use felt and scraps left over from previous fabrics. The idea I have is to create doll bodies out of various fun cotton fabrics (dollar section at Walmart!) then you can use the white or any color you like really and you use the Scribbles 3D fabric paint in the squeeze bottles and you can paint a face on!

You can creative too, I could for instance use my paint brushes and paint on one cool face! If your a little dude you can take the bottle and squeeze it on, or I'd go ahead and let them use a brush also because sometimes when your squeezing the paint either comes out too slow or too fast.

If you used a separate piece of fabric for the face you can GLUE it on with some awesome fabric glue, Aleene's makes one amazing type you can wash over and over! Plus it stretches! After all that, you could even add on buttons or pom pom balls!


And you could also even get some fun ribbons and trims and maybe make a necklace or something!

Super excited about this! May be a fun thing I have going on at my next craft show table!!!

Slowing Down

My sale ends today at 5pm... now things seem to be slowing down. I'll continue to work on some miniature houses, then work on monsters to go to those which seems like a better idea.

Christmas is coming, I hope I can get another few sales before hand.

Turkey Day was fun and now passed, back to school today and my daily chores.... I feel a painting coming on though. I did start on a coffee themed painting I am using a wood shadow box my dad made me a few years ago, it needs some care so I'm painting the back of it like you would with a canvas, right now it's a pink and orange color, it will have a sweet face having coffe on it soon though.

Pictures when it's finished!!!!

  Ohhhh Ideas are going off!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Alright folks..... I was working on a new idea and a super awesome one just happened!!


This is the first ever family to be made! you have from left to right...

Lucas, James and Betty Anne! I love these so much!!! I'll be making more in the future for sure. They get their own world of course....not part of Monstrous baubles. I'll come up with something.... A Rainbow Village maybe.  And to think I got this clay at walmart for 8 bucks!

NEW in the shop

Cupcake Lady painting

Snow Bear miniature toy set
This is the first snow bear set I've done in awhile...their ears are sillyand I dig them!
I am having a SALE in the shop until tomorrow evening ,,,run in and check it out!!!