Thursday, March 28, 2013

Awesome looking stuff!

I made a cute table goes on top of a bottle cap and looks like a real table! I have an example of the neat scene boxes I'll be doing soon.This is a cemetery scene I painted for my oldest has small tombs glued inside which looks rad.

The skeleton bunnies are finished,and they have some friends the witch sisters! I'll be listing them in their own set soon.

Close up on the sweet tea and coffee set,theres two cupcakes too!
I'll probablly have two table tops you can switch in and out for different times....

You can see the background pretty good here...I hand painted it into the box but I'm not sure if they'll all have that or not.....maybe.

Not done,but cool,...this is the Witch's tea party table top! Tea pot,cups,cupcakes,spell books and a crystal ball...very cool I think.
Comments are welcome,I'd love feedback on the scene box and table top ideas!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I was cleaning as usual and a tiny epihany hit my brain! The little picnic themed sets will go with the non-magnetic ones....I made a bunch of circles from clay that will soon be drawn to look like a table set for tea time,coffee picnic....and even a witch's tea time too!

Clay flat circles...

Example of a Monstrous picnic! The finished coffee or tea doodle is what the clay ones will look like.Very fun and perfect for the warm weather ahead!Maybe these need a scene box?? I did have that idea before as well....the white pencil boxes I used for the larger sets are perfect to create an outdoor scene....they could house  a few mini theme packs!
Something like this but with maybe a scene of a park and Monster Town or Spooky City or in between since these are the cute skelebunnies seen pincicing...they too need finished.
This would be rad....picture maybe three sets of your monster packs picnicing at the Flower Fields! Sweet right? Yeah I think I'll start some scene boxes for the non-magnetic sets so when you buy all those monster packs...they can have a place to be stored and play!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The magnetic sets are now heading to the shop!

Vivian and Lou are finished!

I'm excited,I LOVE these!!! I have enough magnets for two more sets....then I'll need more magnets and clay and I'm set! I'll also have my non-magnetic sets incase someone wants those instead.
Stop in the shop
Request a custom set today!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pricing is painful

The set is super awesome but to price them it's hard! My price for the effort is 18.00 but for supplies it certainly sky rockets up there.....I'm going to just hope these sell and make back my money so I can keep it low even if it's a low cut....I want people to be able to buy these not just look and wish.

The set is finished my kids liked it....I'll be testing it further too.Check it out!

I think four is a crowd..

Perhaps my sets will come with two monsters...but the cool thing is if you start collecting more sets they can sit next to each other and be neighbors! I have some cotton candy creations in mind for a Cotton Candy Farm set...I will have seperate boxes in a pack with two monsters you can pick out and add them to your sets.
Also whats neat is a coffee party blanket I made from paper I might work on to have in sets too so they can have picnics and sit outside and have a swimming pool made from paper!!!
Pretty neato...I'll take the paper pool,picnic,tea set,etc and glue it to flat magnets and seal them with microglaze wax~! Sweetles I know man! Super stoked......More to come soon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


So far my magnetic set is awesome....the glue has been doing well ....all I have left to do now is paint the houses,add the fun rooms and house front..and get the directions and monster info inside then it's handed off to my kiddos to test the longivity!

                                            Monsters are magnetic!

Upside down and nothing is falling off,nice.
Top view
All in all I'd say it's coming together well.The boxes are perfect.I'm hoping the paper and paint won't scratch off but since I decoupaged them on their smoothed on like it is the tin itself which is great.I'm off to work on the rest !

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wait

So I'm waiting for all my supplies to come this week for the new Magnetic Monstrous Baubles playe sets....I'm betting this weekend I'll have everything set!

My only concern is how well my glue holds up and if the boxes can take the magnetic power when lifting the box on and off the tin.

I'll do some tests,I have been testing a tree with the magnets so far and it's ok .I'm hoping the glue works because if not I gotta find the right glue!

We'll soon see!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

In need of Glue

Sooo....I am now testing the srength of my Aleene's glue with the hold on the strong magnets and how long it will last when you take the monsters,trees and homes on and off the tin.

So far it seems well....but I'm worried about long term....and I searched on etsy's supplies and seen RHINO glue! And so then I looked it up on yahoo search and read from the Rhino Glue website and this glue sounds like a miracle! But the price isn't cutting it for this week. I'm hoping it's in Michaels so I can pick some up with a coupon. My tin purchase is on hold for now,I'm trying to find the best deal(or I should say my husband is). If there is a more reasonable price for a larger lot of tins then the price on my set will go down in turn making me smile!

Monstrous Baubles will always be morphing and growing.I have a million ideas so I'd expect it!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sweeeettt news to tell!!! I have come up with a magnetic toy set design for my monsters!!!

I took an altoid sized tin and glued green felt (aleenes all purpose glue) to the top and bottom of the outside.......When you open the tin up and lat it flat it creates a mountain look.

The magnets I was using weren't strong enough,but I'm getting some of the super strong silver earth ones this weekend.And what I'll do is take three trees add a magnet to the bottom of them,one small 1" paper mache box put a magnet to it....and they will stick any where on the tin! I may add magnets to the monsters but I'm not sure makes sense though then they won't fall off either so I suppose I will....

Here are some pictures from me playing around with my idea yesterday.

 The house shown wouldn't really come
                          in the pack since it's not a Spooky City style,but this is the idea!

 Upclose,cutie skeleton couple!

 Sky View...ha!
  And everything fits inside and is safe!
Which brings me to the cool idea of decoupaging the monster information and directions to the inside so they don't get lost! This tin is the best for many reasons...
1.Pocket Size
4.It keeps the entire play set safe!
Whats left to get...
1.More hinged tins
2.Paper mache boxes
Everything else I have.....pretty cool I think,these are excellent for the car trips or any where really since all the pieces will stick and not just fall off!!!! So when your off driving to your familys house and the kids are in the back yelling they dropped something you now can rest and not worry because that won't happen with these!!!! Way cool.I'm pretty excited!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey there folks! It's been awhile since I posted  anything....I have two sets of Skelebunnies up and am thinking of having an Easter sale. Maybe free shipping? We'll see...

It feels like Spring today...I seen some sweet finches and silly pigeons at the bus stop with my kids and on the walk back to the house a large flock of geese were flying back,YES! It's a small teeny tiny sign of Spring.

My adorable fun Monstrous baubles plushies are on hold for a bit,I ran out of fabric markers and polyfil grrr! Of course after I got my new fabric that would happen.....but I'll pick up new colorful thread too !

Next up for the plushies would be a vampire and cat....Next some skelebunnies in plush form perhaps or some fun Spring monsters for an upcoming show I have.....Some bright silly rabbits !



 Anna and Douglas
Herald and Louanne

Monstrous Baubles plushie
 Edgar , Monstrous Baubles plushi
I love Edgar!!! but I really love all my monster babies.I should have a finished second zine out this weekend!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Monstrous Baubles in Plush form

I have done it! I made some super adorable,fun and huggable fabric dolls of my monsters!!

First I made a Gnome,Bethany

Then came Alan! A Gumdrop monster

I love how these look and they make me happy to see them finished and in great playing conditions!
I should have more up soon...I get new fabric tonight and man will I go flippy when I see how much there is to pick from at Jo Ann's!!!!! Super excited,I may make a cupcake monster,she'll have a felt bottom to be the wrapper. I really want icecream fabric I hope I find a deal on some.

It would also be cool to find some rainbow and sparkle fabric! Super excited about these cuties! I'm getting red black and orange fabric too so I can work on my Halloweenie monsters as well!!!