Friday, September 27, 2013

Etsy shop to close

I decided, and it's for really real ...I'm closing my etsy shop up. I don't make sales or even trades on there any more and when I sell something it's small and doesn't pay the cost of listing fees whether I need it to or not.

I love doing craft shows and being on my blog and my Facebook....there are a bunch of folks following me and supporting me there!

I will be on here posting more of my work and what I'm doing!

This is another one of my adorable smaller 1" painted monster's! LOVE the new style. I used all white skulpey clay for this cute kitty! I may name her Katie or Noella.... Noella it is!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just Stuff

I've been thinking and usually it's about etsy and I always do say blah blah blah I'm sick of it and all that, but I don't know I'm pretty fed up with all the "hearts" and no sales. And when I do get a sale it's every two to three months which is complete bull and it makes me super frustrated!

I do so so so well at craft shows and I always sell at least three or more things! I get super creative around Fall and go so bat crazy...I believe I'd do well with seasonal work and not worrying to much about etsy and everyone else on there. I see a TON of stores and things that are similar to mine that sell well online and I feel that my work isn't good enough which it certainly is!

I do market and I do post in threads every day, gets me nowhere and I'm bummed about it.

SO I think it's cool to just maybe have a designated Saturday of crafting......and spend an hour with my coffee and my good read Eragon for a good long while!

Get back into my house work and creating for my house as well.At least I do know my family will love it.

On the brighter side...Heres the witch painting I've finished!

My awesome vintage sewing table drawer!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I've been super busy sculpting and painting that I have these cuties finished..

George and Elizabeth! They look all shined up since I just waxed them. I also baked up more mini monsters to paint up...

I'll be doing three Birthday Monsters... One for October,November and December since they are coming up I'll paint them the birthstone colors and decorat their hats all neat looking and stuff!
I'm so low on supplies I'm really wishing I could get a sale on etsy right now! So far this is my list....
White Clay
Paint Pots (Apple Barrel)
Fabric Markers
Paper Mache boxes
Paper Mache purse box
and my sharpies  are on low as well.
I may not be able to get new supplies until after the Fall Festival I'll be in in about three weeks!
I'd like to start on those purse box sets with the entire town inside,,,,depending on what month it is I get the supplies for that I'll make the right town....if I do get them in time I'll be making Spooky City first.

I also painted an amazing painting this month

Now I'm working on cool painting #2 but actually #1 in my witch series!

That would conclude my monthly update!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was going batty looking for lockets that are big enough like the one I made before to house a monster. Then an idea popped in mind! I can use a lip gloss tin and create a cool necklace for monsters in those!!!!!

Looking for tins now.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting ready!

I printed some of my hand drawn shop cards and newsletters about Monstrous Baubles and where to find my monsters!

 Shop Cards

 "Menu" for Craft show Table

Zombies and skeletons in the process of being finished for my Checkers Game

Newly painted  and waxed monsters!

 Scrap Dollies info sheets

 Everythings being organized and put back into the bin!!!!
Loads of cool stuff going on!


I have a new style of 11/2" monsters and a newsletter to get out!

This is Alexander and Gena..... their going to be $5.00 each.I should have more ready for my Fall festival! I wish I were better at making hats and things.....They would so have a hat! I should teach myself on making mini hats and accessories for these cuties.

Friday, September 13, 2013


I have started a fun Newsletter for my monsters and their world! The Fall issue should be out soon....maybe this weekend so I can list them soon.

I'll start on the Holiday one soon too.

I have two October shows one on the 5th and on the 19th so if your in the North Tonawanda NY area you should stop in!

Monday, September 9, 2013


I'd love to start a Spooky Cute art class for adults that are kids at heart and their kiddos! It would be something new and fun. I deeply enjoy Halloween and all of Fall and maybe I could start my own Fall program for after school.

My craft budget would only be about 30.00 each kid to join for the two months and a weekly payment of 5-10 bucks for supplies! So we would work on our weekly cool Fall crafts.

It may be to big of an idea to take on myself so I'd have to advise a plan.It may be a greater idea to only have this on Fridays after school hours.

I don't know if the school would even agree to the idea but if I could find a place that did it would rock!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Future randomness

Something I was thinking of.... I do know that any kind of show would cost money and time, but I recently discovered if I file for my crafters tax ID it may cause a problem with my taxes if I decide to get a real job.
I thought it would be interesting to start my own own craft show in a few years after I'm prepped up and everything.
How I'm thinking it would work....
large lawn..... if it's mine no taxes and no one to annoy me
Fall........ great time for Halloween shows and festive ciders and candy and things of that gorgeous Fall nature
People....... I would need at least 30 people to set up
We would need folks to bring tents, and tables but I think theres enough that it would be ok and they would have these things already.

Quite possibly it would work out well.... cook up some hot dogs and burgers and veggie ones too.Have cider around and my pumpkins I should have growing!

It could happen.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Idea of the Day

An idea for The Holidays.... Gift boxes made from paper mache purses.

Perfect for a set of monsters clay and plush! I had an idea pop into my head a second ago.... I could make little towns with these. I mean were talking "idea" because it would cost and arm and maybe two legs for this set! I'm thinking little paper mache houses, a road that runs from lid to lid when you open it flat. There would be medium to tall picture blocks of little stores and shops and scenes of flowers and trees and parks and things. For this idea to really happen I'd need some sales ha!

But all in all this idea really rocks. I could maybe throw in a mini Molly Polly Doll too!!!
Is this what Monstrous Baubles morphs into I don't know it very well could be though. I can see it happening.... you could buy the larger set with this paper mache purse that has all the bells and whistles and then as soon as the Holidays pass buy the smaller paper mache houses with the monsters. Seems as though I am stepping back a bit into the past with Monstrous Baubles but I think somehow I just came up with the extended idea....... The tins are nice and all but I really do love paper mache boxes as long as they are the "kraft" boxes they last and are sweet and have a great feel.

Old Monsters (pocket monsters)

A cute family of four... this is I think made inside a 2" or 3" paper mache box, but with the size I can make the monsters or doll figurines a little bigger and they would make more sense and have a purpose more than just collecting....... they would fit inside the paper mache purse perfectly and there would be an awesome town! I can make the Spooky ones as well... so right now as I wrote down my thought process I have come up with the big plan. Look for these in the shop within the year I have much work to do!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Giddy

Apparently this morning I feel a bit giddy. It's getting so close to Halloween, I keep finding such fun vintage toys which make me want to get my collection started!

Not only do I make toys I collect them..... especially the old popples, care bears and polly pockets! I grew up with some pretty neato toys and I'd have to say a lot of my inspiration and style have come from them. Today I realized that my new clay dolls and monsters look a tad bit like the Little People with their cute round bottoms and happy sweet faces or spooky faces if your collecting my Halloween vamps and zombies and such creatures alike!

I wonder if I were to print out my blog entries if it would be a sort of newsletter? I mean I do feel a bit chatty and I do love chatting with other chatty folks. I may consider creating one with my blog.

I had someone ask me if I had a magazine last year, and I was like whaa? maybe I could have one? All I'd have to do is take the photos of my shop items print them out and create an album or something. I may do that!

Of course there is laundry to do and ebay listings to work on doing... not entirely wanting to do anything quite yet but the day is a wasting!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Plan B

I decided I like using my laminating machine way more than magnets. Two reasons... One their a little heavy, Two more glue to be used. With laminating my doodles I can draw up to four different scenes and then laminate them all....cut out... and of course they need to stick to the tin somehow so I added the tiny magnets I bought back when I was testing the magnetic tin sets....

The magnet sticks perfectly with my amazing handy Super Glue!
 The little background drawings are perfect for scenes!!Loving this idea.... I drew another three background scenes and the bottoms for grass or carpet incase you are switching the scene to the inside of a house. I'm working on clay settings to draw some trays of cookies and cupcakes and then I have my cute coffee mugs already which I'm happy with. I don't like how small the cookies on the mini plates are I made in the second picture so I'll doodle them on.... plus they'll most likely get lost!
The paper mache boxes are going to be painted and I'll probably add a cute or spooky table cloth design on them. I have some real adorable clay pillows coming I made last night!!! Each set gets a set of three pillows... for the set above I made two round bone pillows and one long pillow the second set has two round flower pillows and one long pillow...their so cute I can't wait to paint them!
I figure even if for some reason the tiny magnets did fall off of the background scenes they will stick to the tin and the scenes will still stick in the tins..
That concludes my latest work of the month!