Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Idea that sticks!

My gears are working over time! Last night I was in the middle of creating a scene box, I ended up with a larger diorama of a pumpkin patch which is still in working progress, I have the banner ready for hanging inside, I still need my monster pumpkin couple, maybe a pumpkin cart or stand and I keep feeling like their going to need a puppy too.

The other day I was playing around with magnet sheet and doodling on them which brought me to the idea of tin play sets with the backgrounds on magnet sheet and cut to fit! This way you can change your scenery from a tea party or a coffee party to a fun day at the park, or inside a room, someones kitchen or anything! I will have my Monstrous Baubles logo inside underneath so when you change the scenes you know who came up with the coolest idea in the world!

Perfect plan and I may try to get the magnet sheets this weekend!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

What I may be missing

Today my thought was of Blank note cards. I use to make these and I enjoyed making them too.Maybe I could work those into my shop some how along with my Wall art?

Thanks to Pocket Carnival for the idea her cards and pencil cases are sweet!!

Super sweet kitty for a five year old! I would need cardstock again and I'd also be printing my cards this time.I'm pretty sure they would come out alright too since my art prints look great!

Just another possible idea going on inside my peapod brain!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wall Art #2

Here is the first of my series of MollyPolly Dolls art

"Puppy Love"

I have 3 prints available for decoupaging them onto some canvases. I think they'll look cute on some little one's wall or your wall!

Idea of the Day

Today I am thinking of play mats...... I only made one that rocks. I like the idea of my white pencil box houses and of the little tin carrying cases for my mini toy sets. It may be a good idea to make mini play mats out of self adhesive felt and flat magnet sheets.

For one they can be cut to fit into the tins, you can change them inside or outside.And you can take them out of the tin.Plus it's a snap to make.

Another kind would be the ones that have little flowers and water attached and maybe berry bushes.

To sum it up...

I may be doing play mats soon. Heres an example I found I really love!

 For more of this adorable stuff stop in here she has amazing items!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wall Art

I believe I may start taking my original drawings, print them at home and decoupage them to mini canvases so you can have them already to hang!

I have one finished drawing so far and prints of 3 from it.
I have another almost finished then I'll make 3 prints of it!

Neato .... I'll post when their done!

Monday, August 26, 2013


Heres some of the pre- painted coffee cups,plates and cookies in sets of three I made for a party of four!

OHHH and in the middle is a cute cake.... well it's going to be a cake! Super cool.... I'll be working on more cups and accessories to put in with one monster doll and her pet.

I also need to get a move on more bubble monsters.... I have a craft show and flea market coming up so I'd like more of those to offer along with my scrap dollies!!! Those are 2.00 each. Yay!

Stop in and check out my shop

My coffee Party Pals in progress

Here are some pictures of the cuties.... I'll probably finish them sometime this weekend.

I'm super proud of my cups!
And my newest  Molly Polly Doll Sheena
She has cool doubled up yellow felt arms and her she has pig tails! She's a little bigger than the others.She's adorable!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New idea going on in Monstrous Baubles

I baked some bigger monsters and was playing around with ideas and came up with a coffee or tea
 party set.

You get two monsters, two bottlecap seats, a paper mache box table with tea party items such as a set of four teacups or coffee cups and some chocolate chip cookies!!! I actually made my first two cups and they look awesome. I'll be making some little snack tables too....sweet!

I was even thinking of a Halloween set with some witches, potion bottles some magic books and things like that....maybe further down the road......

Monday, August 19, 2013

Giveaway going on

I'm having a giveaway on my Facebook page! Come check it out!

Whats coming up

I have two adorable Halloween themed monster sets ready to finish...

A witch and cat and their Pumpkin patch

Just need to add color!

Skeleton couple their pup and their sweet Candy Corn Tree!

Add color here too!
I may do a haunted forest as well since I have a bunch of trees left...... and some tomb stones.
I also listed about 30 monsters in a lot so if your in the need of a ton come in and grab them up!
The checkers are taking me longer since I'm not liking the process too much so I may need to get color clay for those......

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Awesomeness is on it's way!

I've been working on different stuff and mixing up things to get some cool items and let me say I have indeed come up with Fabric Stickers. which are way cool and a tad bit accidental!

I was trying to come up with some patches for the dolls faces and since it didn't work out so well I got stickers out of it!

I'll have to post pictures tomorrow.I also now have Molly Polly Dolls you can customize!!

Cute!!! Tons of colors to pick from and different faces!

I have at least ten Molly Polly Dolls ready for listing. Super stoked! Now I'm in need of a low budget craft show and I'm thinking October may be the month the Pekin Fire Hall and Flea Market....I had fun there last year!! Great people and coffee.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I am now stocked up on supplies accept for fabric markers...didn't have enough.
But I do have 2 yds of white cotton muslin, 12 sheets of colorful felt and some self adhesive felt I'm using to create patches.

I am working on a Matryoshka doll.... she's got a pumpkin style. Lots to color since she's about 6 or 8 inches tall!

The patches I'm working on are just the self adhesive white felt with the white cotton glued to the top,but the thing is their perfectly sticky enough to stick fast for a long time! These will be for the custom dolls.

I made a few zombies for my littlest one.....he loves them now he has a collection.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My very own "Shop Goal"

So here it he accomplish within the year...

1 Get sales up
2. Get sales up

Prints of dolls and monsters
fabric coaster sets
Medium sized Matryoshka Dolls made with Spooky cute Halloween designs
and maybe speech bubble shirts

Whats needed
Better Banner
Better pictures
Larger Crowd

And for my future sales I need
Tent Walls
Folding lawn Chair
Crafters Tax ID.......which may take forever it seems since their always busy when I call and online never works......curse I say!

I decided I won't do a show this year unless one pop ups when I'm not broke then we'll see...definetly if it's indoors.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bummed way out

I have no tent and no table and I only have enough for one or the other...So I'm on the search for another show to do and it's a bummer that there aren't too many October ones coming up in town.

There is however one coming up I may do...I sure hope they have a spot!!

**.In other news Here are the Molly Polly Dolls! **

This shelf will someday be filled with Molly Polly Dolls!

 I'm liking the arms on this adorable zombie fella.Sort of like he's saying "hug me" in an I want to eat you way.
My list of TO DO's so far before October
1 more Molly Polly Dolls
2 Halloween Checkers
3 Monster packs of zombies, vampires and skeletons for kiddos and collectors to play with and maybe for some goodie sacks?
Busy time of year for me!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Taking my Time

Since I'm revamping my shop I figured I'd take my time and make sure everything looks good and I have all the bells and whistles as well.

So far I have my new dolls on the way... I need more felt so I can just load up on them and get the faces ready for stitching on.

I recently joined this amazingly wonderful group

The Buffalo Etsy Team

I love that they take the time to meet up and they rent a super cool bakery! Loads of sweet people for team leaders too! I have high hopes for the team and being a part of it!

Right now I'm creating some fun tags that have my shop information on it. I also need to get my new shop cards made as soon as I can!

I'm saving my pennies for a crafters tent and a crafters table so I'm ready for some Street Festivals! Now the tent is not so affordable right now but the table would make an excellent birthday gift this November for myself. There could be a way to find a discount price on the tent or I could wait for tax season.

My newest drawing I made for a sweet spunky woman across the street from me

She has a cool and and a cup of coffee!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Woring on things

Alright so I want to bring in some cash flow....and I'm trying to figure how on earth I can do this.

My etsy shop is out there and it's being seen,BUT I'm not making any profit from it. Why is that I wonder everyday?

My prices their not bad at all I don't think..

My newest idea with the picking your own doll is only going to be about 8.00 and the bubble monsters may go down to 2.00..... These I think would do well getting me some promotion at a low cost...and I do have my NEW idea of the kids MollyPolly Dolls prints being made for d├ęcor too.

Man I'm hoping to do well here..Stop in and see the NEW soon!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sometimes I get lost and just plain dumb founded....UPDATE

My calling is and always will be TOYS and I shouldn't even doubt what I'm doing just arrange things a bit differently.

I have a NEW cool, fun thing I started making...

You Pick the Face!

I am in love with this idea...mostly because I adore making these faces. I really think it's a fun idea to get to pick the face you want.

 I've always liked this body style, simple and unique and fun....of course it's silly but the thing is they look cool. My little felt pals will have white felt arms sewn on too..... Different colors to chose from as well.

 This is my example felt pal, Seth. His face isn't sewn on but he would look great with a green bod! You will get to pick the felt color body and the face. I have more faces to draw which doesn't take long...I'm a doodler! So far I named them Sue, Marie and Sammy and Seth here.
My tiny update...I'll be working on these..
Felt Pals
Halloween Checkers
Miniature Dioramas
Bubble monsters
Of course I LOVE those clay monsters but I believe I had way too many monstrous things going on in one place.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Alright so I pretty much love creating miniature dioramas. So far I have the skeleton I'm making a Pumpkin Patch, and a Home Sweet Home diorama. I was making a zombie one but it just doesn't look like a zombie scene so I'm working on painting one up this weekend or tonight maybe.


My cutie pumpkins, all made from clay!
The witch and her kitten,and my banner are all ready to be glued into the box.I drew some pumpkins in the background but it didn't look right but with adding the clay ones too it looks neat.

 Home sweet Home!
So I have these tins left over, I tore one apart and used the bottom for a cute display of a village.Village of what I don't know yet. I made the houses from tiny drawings on paper....So I'm a bit boggled on what monsters to add in here....

NEW adorable coffee time pendant! I love making these , I need some black ball chain necklaces so I can start getting other necklaces onto my ebay page.

The Bride ornament,not done but I figured I'd show off her cuteness.

 All painted witch clay ornament...almost done.
So as you can see I am a busy bee! Quite a mess in the craft room so I'll be cleaning it up today for sure.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Ah ha! I have some head way pics of the new stuff!!!

Frank and his woman Bust set

I am waiting on the paint to dry,I had to borrow my littlest ones seems to be grey but no worries I'll add another coat. SO I'll be grabbing some Apple Barrel paint pots and possibly another pound of white clay which is my favorite to use!

Heres what the dolls or monsters for personalizing will look like...

I went with this silly sweet body because I want to sew the arms and face onto the body.I think the arms will be different color felt and the white face of course for you or your kiddos to doodle a face on.

And my super cool ornament card MOBILE...I actually came up with a paper mobile card so how cool right?

Goblin Queen and her skull birds

I just need to let them dry, then get some string and loop the string through the top and dangle the skull birds down. AWESOME you can hang them any where in the house really. If I can find some pre-drilled wood signs with the holes on the bottom I can make wooden ones and you can hang them on your door...I'll need the outdoor mod podge sealer and I'm set!

Heres the miniature ornament I string attatched yet because I don't have any small enough.... My skeleton love!

It's super tiny,the second is of the house I sealed in but you can't see it too well....I painted everything and drew in the cemetery stones,clouds and fence because I didn't have the paint....I drew a house and decoupaged it into the box...the banner was made from clay and drawn on.I just need to seal it all and add the string on the top so you can hang it up.

That concludes my activities for the moment. The less time consuming one would be the skeleton ornie...The busts give me an idea of interesting cake toppers I may try this weekend.....Ta Ta for now!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Whats poppin in my brain

I went a little nuts with different new creations today.I did find I am super awesome with miniature ornaments and I feel some inspiration from Kerry Kate's dollies....I'm working on mini clay busts! The first two will be Frankenstein and his Bride.I have both of their forms ready for baking tomorrow but I will have a ton of others soon.

I'm stitching up some medium sized dolls for little ones to customize their own! I'm sewing big white circles on so you can draw your own face! The pattern is different they have regular legs the face and arms will be stitched on ....sweetness!

HALLLOWEEENNN....I am working on paper mobile ornaments and ornament cards and hope to have a bunch for Halloween!!! I made a goblin queen mobile..I just need to laminate and assemble.I'm pretty excited about my NEW stuff.

Hopefully soon I'll be able to post pictures of the work in progress....Off to bed it is midnight after all,coffee in the morning!!!