Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Sweetness

I think we need to see some sweet items our lovely etsians have created so lets browse through some of these adorable shops!

Here are some gorgeous red winter gloves perfect to keep your paws warm! These lovely gloves were created by flapper of You can also get these great gloves in brown or black!

Wether you love the looks of a cupcake or the amazing taste of their yumminess heres one adorable cupcake magnet to brighten up your fridge! This cute magnet was created by

My son is real into the Peanuts gang,so heres one awesome Snoopy Christmas stocking pefect for all you Charlie Brown and Peanuts gang lovers!
This cool stocking was made by

And heres an adorable ornament made with love by shoeflower of

And my last for the day keep warm with this delicious looking rasberry hat!
Created by

Well I hope you enjoy looking through these cute shops theres a lot to find!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Project Plushies Take 2

Heres two more plush fellows to add to the list!

I have one of a tiny kitty holding a toy airplane.

And the other one is of my son Damien as a doodle with some dragon kittens!

Just think I'll soon have a few plushies with COLOR! Major coolness.....The name for my plushies will be "Doodlicious Plushies" because their doodles on a soft plushie! Woo keep posted NEW color plushies will be in soon and FOR SALE!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Whimsies!

Alright it's that time of the week for some Whimsical features!!!

Heres our first shop
She has made one adorable snowbaby Christmas ornament perfect for your Holiday Tree!
Find more here

Second I found
The cutest orange cat dreaming of yummy fish! Find more here

Thats it for today I hope you enjoy the cuteness!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


To all of you that don't know,I'm practicing my stitching! And so far I have done four mini plushies and the last two are the best I've done! Right now since I don't have my paint markers I'm drawing the faces and other details on with a black sharpie for now to get an idea of the awesome plush pals! I still need to come up with a real cool name for them.

Anyhoo heres some pictures of my progress in the last three days!!!

My first

number two

And heres some of all of them

Let me know what you think so far!

YAY!!! mini plush dudes are on the way folks!

Monday Magic!

Here are two magical shops I adore.

One............ I miss the warmth so today I found this beautiful photo of a green tree in the sun!
The photo was taken by I think this is one enchainting photo!

Second......This is one spectacular painting it relaxes me to the brink of oasis!
Check out more amazing art here

Enjoy the relaxing feelings of Spring and dreams!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bright and Cheery!

I chose some bright items I love to send some cheer to everyone!
I love this card by Justine,it makes me feel all warm!

And this awesome journal by my friend Crafted...Find more here

And I LOVE this woman's plsuhies heres my favorite cat it's a geek kitty!
Find more awesome plushies here

Heres a fun find for kids!
An eye spy plush...
find more here

And lastly for the evening..
Delish beads!
Heres some real cute resin hearts
find more here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Whimsies

Heres some sweetness for your wednesdays!

Heres a hedgehog just for you!
Henry was created by

And if your looking for the perfect ornament search no more here she is!
The Christmas Queen,by

And last more adorable ornaments made by

Great colors and all very cute and whimsical enjoy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Need a sewing tutoral?

Are you starting a brave intern in sewing? Well I am and I needed some help in getting started to refresh my mind.So I googled and found she has an awesome tutoral on a stitch I think is perfect for me!

Thanks for her I'll find it easy starting on my mini plushie project!

Tuesday Toons

For all of you that are waiting for my toons today here they are!

Number one
Herreees Muck! He is one awesome creature,cousin to the Pixies one huge mischief maker! Find more awesome creatures here

Number two
Nothing is more whackier than some secret angent RABBITS!
See more cool work here

These were some great finds,I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Magical Monday

Heres more magical shops with brilliant items!

First I have the cutest ACEO by Crooked little Studio.
Find more great work here

Second I found one beautiful Spring Nymph created by the wonderful Samantha Nowak! Find more here

And Third is one lovely faerie and her butterfly friend,by Magick Mermaid! Find more lovely art from this woman here

Be dazzled!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Friends Feature

Today I am featuring some friends of mine from my wonderful BNR group!

Heres some great shops with great items perfect for your Christmas shopping list.
I found these to be perfect for the jewlrey crafter in your life....
Three pearly heart pendants listed by Orange Fire! Find more from her here

And second I have some adorable snowman earrings for your Holiday cheer!
These were made by the lovely cre8tiveqt! Find her at

Third if your looking for the cutest booties ever heres a pair of bear ones! Made by Isabelle of

And last I have a gorgeous green tone set of earrings and a necklace! Made by the wonderful Meg of

I think I gathered a great group be sure to vist their shops!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Sweets

I'd like to do a showing of some sweet items from shops I love!

Heres one yummy looking display of licorice candies in a nice box!
Perfect for any kitched or even your kids room!
Check out more from Emmie here

I also found an adorable wall hanging for a diner or bakery themed room..
Find more here

And a tasty print of doughnuts! perfect for your kitchen....
Find more of this great work here

I hope you enjoy these scrumptious works of art!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Whimsies

Here we are folks....I have some adorable items for today..

First it's a monster scarf!!! Crafted by the lovely gal from Love and a Sandwhich!!
Check it out! And if you need more visit here shop here

Second I found the cutest Christmas ornament..A polymer clay santa star!
Made be the amazing clay creator Artsy Clay! Find her here

And last a cheery and cozy print of an amazing water color.
Made by the talented Caid! Find here here for more!

I hope you enjoy the cute whimsies of the day.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Toons

Today I am featuring this lovely creature that looks like a toon come to life to me!
Everyone meet Keppy the beaslie!
A cute happy little monsrous beast! and he's purple! Come in and visit his friends too find them all here...

And second I have found one talented artist who makes interesting toonish sketches and keychains and purses.She's got spunk! Heres an awesome keychain featuring a punk rock sci-fi gal...who reminds me a lot of Tank Girl!
Want more check her work out here...

And Third...Are you looking for some great character? Heres an amazing wood carving done by my friend Harper's Grandfather! Looks amazing and is definetly a toonish thing!

Find her here

I hope you enjoy your toons!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Magic!

Heres some amazing magical shops I think you ought to check out!
First we have a beautiful aceo with a gorgeous woman who appears to be a fairy and is entitled "Spring Moon"

Find more of her art here

Second we have a cute little cat fairie "the bubble Fairy Kitten" would be perfect in your bathroom to make it more magical! Or in a favorite room. Find her work here

And Third Some beautiful Christmas Cards of original art by Meredith Dillman! These are perfect to send to family and friends....find her work here

And Lastly some magical tree spirits! A swirl of beauty.Great colors contrasting this is my favorite by far!!! Love like no other... Find more work here

I hope your a float on cloud nine after browsing and dreaming with these four amazing and beautiful artists.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Today I have a few great shops to feature from my BNR group!

First I'm going to show you ,one beautiful photo by EmmainWonderland.
This glowing photo is titled "summer dreaming" which is captured so perfectly!
Find her work here

Second I have in store for you one adorable pot holder with a cute ladybug design by ScrapHappie AZ. This is sure to brighten up your kitchen!
Also Scrap does some amazing approns and other great items so be sure to stop in and browse for one awesome apron for your Christmas cookie baking!!!

And Last I have some great KID art from Cre8tiveQT!!! Her wonderful daughter has made some adorable mini note cards of three colorful owls! Coming from a 5 year old I am amazed!
Help her get that computer folks!
And of course Cre8tive has some amazing work herself.Stop in and be amazed!

I hope you enjoy todays feature come back for more!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have three shops with some adorable items I must share with all of you!

FIRST Dannie Glam and her tasty candy cameo necklace
Want more? visit Dannie here

SECOND, We have a favorite necklace of mine from Miss Mercy! an Alice in Wonderland beauty I never seen any Alice piece like this before... To see more cute items see her shop here

And last but not at all least one adorable sign for your tea parties! that reads "Tea Time".This great sign was made by Marionette Moon...go to her shop to see more great signs to add some character in any spot of your house or even outside!

I hope you enjoy yourselves this morning with these cute shops!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Toons

Alrighty heres some toons for your wonderful Tuesday morning!

First a favorite of mine.....One adorable black cat pastry chef,who has whipped up some yummy cinnamon buns!
You can find more adorable Black cat art here..... She has so many amazing paintings I can decorate my whole kitchen once it's renovated!!!

And second I have one cool toony guy who did the cutest illustration ever...
A couple of joyous gnomes riding a bulldog through the country side!!! You can find more of his work here

Enjoy your toons everyone!!!