Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another idea

I know it seems all I have are these crazy ideas? Well my blog is mainly for them and I really need to put them some where sooo here we go....

The magnetic toy idea....the thousandth one !

I want to use a pencil box , doodle rooms and seal them inside, the thing is from before when I was making the larger toy sets is.... they will be outlined and unfinished because the boxes will come with awesome rooms you can change!

I'm still thinking on the idea, but the science is..

Stick a magnet strip inside the box at the top on all three sides....then take the room doodleIf s and add a magnet on the backs of those...I did have this idea with the tins before but I'm thinking their too small....with the pencil boxes you get more moving room.... I'm laminating the rooms because it protects the doodles...

For the outside of the box I'll make the back magnetic so you can maybe change the scenes with the seasons. This idea would take me a pretty long time to work out since it involves a ton of doodling.

The new toy set I listed today is part of the magnetic sets....

These cuties are an inch tall, their super sweet too!  Soon in time I was planning on making little tables full of foods and drinks like the witch one I did....

They have a table with cupcakes and cookies! Little coffee cups too, I can make other drinks as well. I could provide little peeps with the dishes and have the option of dishes that are full of food or blank..cups aren't my specialty but if I work on them I could be!
but, I need to test this idea this weekend, tic tac toe tins are getting worked on too!

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