Saturday, April 27, 2013


So I have a lot going on in my head.Usually it's a gigantic party going on upstairs but I need to tame it down......Today I really want to get at least one scene box done. I already got a handful of bubble monsters done and ready to be listed.I'm working on my singular monsters too.

I was greatly inspired by this cool shop this morning

I LOVE these finger puppets,tons of detail for such a small puppet and with felt! I admire you Cheryl.

So I'll be listing more one monster listings incase you only want one. Oh man waiting for my memory card is horrible...I so want to show of my bubble monsters! They looks SWEEET inside like please buy me friend!

I want to make more scrap dollies but I'm afraid I don't have much felt and my kids have an order in for some chompies(little buggers from Skylanders) and I need to fill that first!

Ohhh dear well we'll see what happens today.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Short story ideas Story #1 The Candy Forest

The Adventures of  Moramixy and Henry

Outside the birds are singing their sweet music of the morning.
Moramixy is waking up out of a cozy bed and getting dressed for the day.

"Were off to the Candy Forest for a fun picnic" she said to her Bubblegum
cat Henry. Uncurling from his warm spot by the bay window of the house
Henry got up stretched and walked over to Moramixy,where she stood getting their yummy snacks for the picnic ready.

"Oh sounds great! I've been wanting to pick some cotton candy! Henry replied.
Henry grabbed a few berry cakes from the counter and threw them into the picnic basket.

Moramixy and Henry got their picnic basket and started out the door."It's such a lovely day!" Moramixy said to Henry as they walked down the steps from the porch."I love a sunny afternoon with the sweet smell of the tall Tulip trees flowing in the air and the gummi bears picking the gumballs from the gumball bushes." Henry and Moramixy live in the Flower Fields which are right next to the Candy Forest making it a fantastic place to live!

"I wonder how the Cotton Candy Trees are since we had such high winds last night" Moramixy said looking a tad concerned."I'm sure their fine, Cherry and Ms.Lily Sprinkles are always down the road to check in on the trees for Pistachio and Hazel" Henry was saying to Moramixy to cheer her up!

Henry and Moramixy lay their fluffy polka dotted blanket down on the minty grass and sit down next to their delicious picnic basket. "Ok we have peanutbutter and jelly sandwhiches,banana chips,strawberries and cheese crackers,and of course berry cakes!" Moramixy said as she took the snacks out from the picnic basket."Yummy yum yum!!" Henry said as he licked  his sharp fangs.

After they ate their lunch,Moramixy and Henry gathered everything up and put it back into the basket then they picked the blanket up and put it in too. "Alright off to the cotton candy trees!" Henry said with some excitement in his voice. They walked up the minty hills of green and came to a beautiful forest of Cotton Candy Trees,purple pink and brown.The scent was so lucious Henry started to drool.

"Oh,this one looks pefect" Henry said as he walked towards a short medium sized tree full of yummy pink cotton candy limbs."I guess you were right,the trees are fine" Moramixy said walking up to Henry and the short medium tree. "Of course they are" yelled over Ms.Lily Sprinkles. With a smile upon her adorable cupcake face,Ms. Lily Sprinkles and her cat Cherry came walking over carrying a basket of cotton candy tree seeds."Hello,hello!" said Moramixy and Henry."Were so glad we got to bump into you! we came up to enjoy the Forest." I see the Gummi bears are loving this sunny day" Henry said looking over at them." I think they could use a bit of shade,they've been working all morning to get the bubblegum in for the year." Ms.Lily Sprinkles said to Henry and Moramixy.

"Oh my,I do hope they get a break" Moramixy said.As they all walked back towards the gumdrop cobble trail,the Gummi Bears put their gumball filled baskets down to sit and sip some lemon water.

" It's be a lovely time chatting with you but we must be off,Henry and I have gotten a bunch of cotton candy and are to be ready for tomorrows Gumball Danceathon in Monster Town." A big celebration to welcome in the new year. "Very good,I should see you both tomorrow then" said Ms.Lily Sprinkles to Moramixy and Henry."Yes you will Ms.Lily" they both said at the same time as they started off the back way home on the gumdrop cobble path.

My coolpix camera has arrived

So I got the coolest camera yesterday,but my memory card doesn't work with this soooo now I'm waiting on a memory card.

But in other news...I have four more bubbles from the gumball machine yeah! So more monsters.I have three Bubble monsters ready to go ....werecat,gumdrop,and cat monsters.All are super cute and fun.

This weekend I'll be working on my Halloween house and hopefully a new memory card.Maybe walmart has a deal? I'm pretty excited about the tattoo I'll be getting next weekend!!! My sis and her family are coming up and it's going to rock.....And the week after I got the Flea Market in town to do and I'm just way stoked! I have about 100 monstrous items to sell and I hope I get them all sold to happy monster homes.

(Scene boxes soon!)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

WAY COOOOLL find on Paper Mart

I went to browse on Paper mart since it's where the tins for my magnetic sets came from and found this!

Stand this upright and you got yourself an awesome mini monster home! I'd love to make at least two of these.....I do have the bigger Halloween house to work on.But these would be so adorable for some Holiday gifts or Birthdays!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No camera

A major bummer .... my camera has been broken the last three days!! I haven't been able to list anything new so I'm bummed,but I can tell you about the cool dollhouse I got finally yay!!! I started drawing rooms which was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

it's not too big,it has larger rooms...I just measured with my white paper and cut on the folds where the rooms folded and so far I have the outline for the entryway of the house,the kitchen and the doorway into the Living room.I was working on it last night but was falling asleep at the computer so I took a break away.....I think this will be a weekend treat! The coolest Halloween Dollhouse ever!

I have white pencil boxes now and brand new I made a bunch of new monsters.I had an awesome idea after my boys came home from Dollar Tree with their dad (bubble gum machine ninjas).You always get those bubbles that hold the toys,well they had smaller ones and I put  a monster inside which gave me the cool idea of Bubble Monsters , you get one monster with two small information sheets on them and caring for them. I have 6 bubbles for now and 9 monsters for I need three more but I do remember a shot on etsy that sells those.

This weekend I should be starting on the scene boxes.I might make a Spring time one with large flowers and tea!

I also found a Flea Market in town to set up and sell some monsters! Super excited it'll be fun.The bubble monsters are going to be $2.00 each so that means my bubble gum kittens are now $1.00 each.OH yeah I did come up with single monster get one monster and a small paper mache home those are $5.00 each I need to make sure I have a good handful of prices for everyones budget! but I do also need to make money for supplies.

~Item Prices~
Bubble Monsters $2.00 each
Bubblegum Kittens $1.00 each
Single Monsters  $5.00 each
Individual Monsters $5.00 each
Monster Packs starting at $10.00 each
Theme Packs starting at $14.00 each and up depending on the Theme
Scene Boxes $10.00
Monstrous Plush $15.00 each
Magnetic Sets $30.00
Keychains and magnets $4.00
Mystery Tins $6.00 each

I believe these are pretty darn good prices.
I hope to be adding new entries with new photos soon!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

NEWWW stuff is a coming!

Heres are the new things I'm working on this weekend so scene boxes yet but I do have...

A start to my "Mystery" tins!

My cool Goth Gnome family set! I need to get the faces drawn on the gnomes and then they can live in their awesome home.

 Goth Gnome family

Sweet gnome digs!
And a cute cupcake monster pack!
Their right above my writing ,cute huh?
Behind the Cupcake Monsters I have two gnomes ready for their single homes,which will be $5.00 each!
Not sure when these will get listed since my camera quit working...sad.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I'm annoyed at a website...I'll just stick it out with etsy...I started on some flyers about registering on etsy,how it's free and everything.I'm also making a cool flyer for those who want to follow the different monster sets I make and information to go to my blog for updates and ideas that tick on inside my pea brain!

I'll post those later on!

So I'm hoping this weekend is the weekend I get my white pencil boxes and some more clay...I must make more gnomes,cats,demons and cupcake monsters.And probablly Gumball kittens.

I have a craft show coming up April long as the application gets here on time...their a bit unorganized but it's ok since it's their first show!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My own website

Due to lack of sales,I'm opening up my own website on's a work in prgoress but there will be no traffic to other sites and it should be easier to buy.

 to thank god for making all the rapists,murderers and stranglers...Dude seriously...god doesn't fucking have to be the one that makes all great things in your life happen.I'm betting it was you.

It's still new for me so I don't know a lot,....You can still buy on my etsy but if you don't want to join you can register on my site to buy.

If you don't want to do either,email me and we can set things up for in the area...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Monstrous Dollhouse

HAHA!!! Here it is,I found it! This is the wooden house I will be getting for my monsters to live in.
Tons of space in a 6 room home,and I'm already planning the rooms out in my head!

It's 71/2" by 9" and way cool! I'm thinking it will be a Halloween themed monstrous house. I'm excited! Maybe the witch sisters will live here,and some black cats!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm way behind on things...I did however make another scrap dollie


Cute little vampire!I'm getting a little lady vamp ready to sew up too...Of course my boys put in a order of six chompies from Skylanders so I suppose those need done before hand...!

Scene boxes should be bought this weekend as well.......I really hope so any way!
So what I'm hoping to finish this weekend are some more scrap dollies and scene boxes.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sweet Scene Boxes!

Heres an update of the look the scene boxes will have,,,,,

The outside of the boxes will have the different outdoor scenes...

The inside of the box will be the house! And you can have them all ine up or space them out like your off to a different monster town. Now if I could just get the boxes!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost dollhouse?

I decided to come up with a dollhouse with the stuff I already have and so far this is what I have..

This is the set up.I took four of the mini kraft boxes I have and glued them together....I used Aleene's all purpose tacky glue with the extra strength!so I have it's the same glue I used with the magnets! Anyhoo the little kitty is the scale size of the Monsters I'll use.I'm thinking of using the last of the magnets to make this a somewhat magnetic set but not all magnetic.

                                         Glue is drying,I'll make a cool house backside for the hosue.Add some neat paper bushes and stuff. I might use some green felt for a lawn,it will also cover the magnets up....not that they need to be but it will be cool.....I'll post more when I know more!


I have some new monster packs listed....and I'm hopefully getting some pencil boxes to start some scene boxes.The scene boxes are perfect for any monster pack too.

Skeleton Family

Vampire Family

These are so darn cute! I'll have some cool cemeteries,pumpkin farms and other parts from Spooky City made in scene boxes for any monster pack to hang in...and for the Sweeter monsters will have their Cotton Candy trees,Picnic areas in the Flower Fields...etc. I'm thinking of maybe including a house can get your monster packs a home seperately so if you want the monsters the most you can come back and buy the house and scene box seperatley.

So I guess the plans I made awhile back are relavent,I just needed time to put it all together.I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll have the scene boxes done.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Monster house!

I've been searching for a mini scaled item to turn into a "dollhouse" for my monsters and I finally came across this....

Take the drawers out and there ya go! The size is around 2" and it's perfect for my monsters!!! I really want this item and I may get it....You can find more of these cool items here

SOooo I may be creating a monster dollhouse soon! If only I could get the good and funiture made...but I'm no good with those.....beh!