Friday, December 13, 2013


New set to come in April....

This play set looks like the others, only it's NOT! haha what is cool about these new ones....

I will have a scene of the outside already glued into the tin BUT, you will have two other scenes that will be laminated and have a small magnet on the back so it can be switched. The other two scenes will be.....The bedroom with a bathroom and the second will be the kitchen with an eat in table area!

Loads of fun with this set idea... the bottom will also change from grass to carpet or hardwood. I have a few tins left to work with, but tic tac toe will be different now..

I may make game piece monsters and humans for those who love checkers and tic tac toe or the DandD world.....I can have packs up to 10 for people to change up their game boards!

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