Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weekend Crafting

This weekend I will be crafting..

Clay Ornaments for Halloween
Hinged tin play sets
Paper Mache' houses
And I will be pairing up my already made monsters into monster packs of 2 again.
I feel the monsters themselves are super adorable and unique and they should definitely be priced so. I think a pack of two monsters should be $4.00 and for the mini pack of two monsters inside their sweet paper mache' house should be $8.00. The work I put into drawing each room and painting the boxes should not come up so short.

My tin play sets are priced fairly as well.... I draw the background (any you can think of) then I take a paper mache' box (their all 1") and paint them add the small doodled rooms inside and then theres a tiny home for the tin set. It takes me about two to three days to finish I have a funtastic weekend of crafting insanity! and these are most usually all finished up then.

I may be able to create maybe one or two coat and hat hooks too.... I will need my hooks and wood scews first.

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