Friday, November 29, 2013

Coming soon

Alrighty I have a Bubble pack, and five miniature toy sets on their way!!!

What will be inside the Bubble Pack...

1 Glow in the dark cat
1 glow in the dark dog
1 Glitter zombie
2 Humans
1 vampire
1 Yetti
1 Gnome

And in the sets..
Snow Bears
Cat and Dog
Winter witch and Vampire

I also finished a cool painting...

I painted this sweetie on some salvaged wood, it has a cool slot on the back where you can hang it up!

We had a great Thanksgiving in the Johnson's house and ate some real yummy food! I hope you all had a fantastic Turkey Day too!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another new miniature set

Here they are Luther and Max

I LOVE making these, and I'm pretty sure I always will. I really dig the play mat on this's more half circle, I'm thinking I might make the mats a little like this and a bit bigger so you can connect them and make little villages with them. I'll put the flowers and steams on them and make more trees and bushes for the sets.

These ones have the tiny felt carpet inside the lids..

It looks like the example picture above!

Anyhoo I need the drawstring bags and more felt and were set! The bad thing is the price may go up to 12.00 on these, but it's worth it!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I sold the second bubble pack so I listed this one...

AANNND....another cool tiny update with the miniature sets is the felt carpet inside the lids!

Super cool because with the felt mat ideas I have these need to stand a bit better so by sticking the bigger part inside the lid to stand it won't fall over as you play.
More NEW as soon as possible, Happy Turkey Day everyone!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy thinking

I am currently thinking of new play mat designs right now, Alright I have no pictures ready yet, but heres the lay out......

These are the designs in mind for each Monster Village

Tinsel Mountains
White felt 9x12" felt square, it will have a sweet warm chocolaty coa coa stream running for all the  elves, yettis and snow bears to warm up with. The entire mountains are surrounded by snow so I'm thinking plain snow cones are on the menu!

Flower Fields

Light Green 9x12" felt square with pretty daisies and a clear blue water stream with rocks around!
Gnomes, humans, etc

Spooky City

Dark Green 9x12" square with a normal water stream as well...stones and stuff around it.

Candy Forest

Puple 9x12" square that has a yummy white sugar stream for the candy monsters to keep candied! ha!! So in this village there is already Bubble Gum kittens, Gnomes,
Gum drop monsters the cupcake monsters....

I recently started bubble packs, those come with the "whats inside your bubble" sheets... I can start some collector ones for those who are interested in collecting them all.

More on the ideas later!

Old School! One of the first sets I've ever made....too tiny though...but this is the general idea to the play can see the flowers and water stream shown in the picture....this was a Gnome village in the Flower Fields. I could make tid bits about the monsters villages and stuff too....I have some free time on the weekends we'll see what happens.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Ok,I have not been able to update you folks on Facebook on account of my computer being sick.
Anyhoo I have a few cool ideas coming up....

Bubble Packs are being liked in my shop so instead of just a pack of monsters I was thinking of bubble packs with accessories too! For example if you are a doll house fan or you like to get your toy monsters or dolls little things for their homes this will interest you since I will make some cookies, books, blankets for picnics, lamp sets coffee table....things to add on to your collections.

And I will be adding only two COLLECTOR tins, these are going to be made from the small sample tins with the window lids, I'm creating fun and cheerful Winter Land scenery in one with two teeny tiny gnomes building a snow man together. It's going to rock! I'm undecided with the second tin although mistletoe just came to mind, but there are a ton of ways to go with the Holidays!

I keep have an occurring idea of creating those room boxes from white pencil boxes. But I'm still working on how they would all stay connected at the top for a bedroom and bathroom.

I think one possible way could be...a magnetic system...something to play around with I think.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tons of NEW

I started BUBBLE PACKS so far there are two listed!

These are so cute! I make a list of whats inside too so folks know what they have in their packs!
I have a new set with the tin coming soon, a couple of sweet gnomes will be will give a nice Spring time feel for those hating the cold!
I am having trouble with a virus on my computer, it's not letting me get onto Facebook or yahoo....I'm hoping to get the problem fixed soon.
Stop in and see the new listings!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Scratch that!

Ok, I now have an idea laid out in my head of where I'm taking off with these "new" items of mine.
First off of course my most favorite to make will always be the miniature paper mache box monster and clay doll sets. I call some "clay dolls" because you not only can get monsters but I do make some humans as well!

What I have outlined..

This is a previous cat I had already made, the little cat lady is sweet and I'm thinking of naming her Coa Coa. I LOVE how adorable she is and how I can just color this in with markers....I initially started out making the monsters extremely tiny and they were colored in with markers. I want to bring that back for two reasons, One... it's cheaper's more fun to get my sharpies out and do what I love most,DOODLES!!!

What NEW items I have lining up..
Bottlecap Magnets
Paper Ornaments
Hand Painted canvas keyholders
I've wanted to say greeting cards, but right now I'm going to stay focused and make what I already have supplies for. Makes sense and I totally love bookmarks. You could even hang them up as an ornament too!

Another item was the coat and hat hangers, the key holders could double as those for now, and you can hang little ones coats and stuff up, maybe some your mittens?

My oldest son game me an idea last night.... he and his brother are into the trash packs and he likes how you can get them in a four pack, so he went on and was telling me how I need to start doing packs of four monsters each. I kind of do that already but he's right....I can do those instead of the packs of 2.

Supplies that will better my monster packs....

These are so much cooler than just your average plastic bag! These will be a better storage item to take your cute play set with you on the car ride to the store, grandma's or out to eat waiting for your grub! I'm going to put my monster's logo on front and make it mine!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thanks to a cool buddy of mine's cats..... I was thinking of making monsters for CATS to play with!
I do love felines and playing with them.... my little felt monsters are a great texture for little kitties to dig their claws into.

This little rabbit critter is a GREAT idea to start with! Granit the toy will not have a key ring top on it but a cool ribbon with dangling things like those cute pom poms you buy at the craft store....maybe some pom pom ribbon string? Theres an idea!

Kind of cool right? I'm scoping some supplies on etsy as of NOW! haha.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Cool thoughts

As I was listing my new toy set this morning..... I was thinking it would be neat to make mini gardens and other outdoor things that could be bought in a separate package to go along with the mini communities.

Launa and Greg here might want to be farmers, I could take a lid from my boxes and make some mini gardens with flowers,pumpkins or other things like that...... popped in my noggin today...thought I'd share!

Off to work work and work!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Been a few days... I am working to get 100 items in the shop. This task is a bit harder than I was thinking.... but I will have at least another 20 up soon.

I made another three mini sets, and there are three more on the way after..... Three bookmarks in the works, and six bottle cap magnets on their way as well.

I may be getting the darn canvases this week, I do know  I will b getting a couple FREE from a super cool craft buddy....I thank her a ton for the goodies... it's always good to save and give someone else more space in their crafting room!

I'm still wanting the drawstring bags, they are a sweet idea for sure, I may issue out like a larger set with one of those bags with just a larger felt grass mat and maybe three mini homes and maybe 4" boxes for shops and cafes or something...and treeees!!!!! Gotta have TREES! I think that's a superb gift pack idea for my show in December ...indeed it is!

I am sitting on low with ornies.... been thinking of getting shrink plastic for those or maybe just making paper ones.Which paper ones aren't so bad, can even add glitter.

That's the news for now folks,,,, stop in my shop SALE items still up!