Monday, December 2, 2013

There goes those gears!

Alright I have this brilliant idea and it's awesome since kids can craft this as well!!!

Custom fun rag dolls!

So I usually make scrap dolls and to make them I use felt and scraps left over from previous fabrics. The idea I have is to create doll bodies out of various fun cotton fabrics (dollar section at Walmart!) then you can use the white or any color you like really and you use the Scribbles 3D fabric paint in the squeeze bottles and you can paint a face on!

You can creative too, I could for instance use my paint brushes and paint on one cool face! If your a little dude you can take the bottle and squeeze it on, or I'd go ahead and let them use a brush also because sometimes when your squeezing the paint either comes out too slow or too fast.

If you used a separate piece of fabric for the face you can GLUE it on with some awesome fabric glue, Aleene's makes one amazing type you can wash over and over! Plus it stretches! After all that, you could even add on buttons or pom pom balls!


And you could also even get some fun ribbons and trims and maybe make a necklace or something!

Super excited about this! May be a fun thing I have going on at my next craft show table!!!

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