Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm baking up a bunch of monsters! I finished 25 new Holiday one dollar promo monsters! A few elves,some snow yettis, snow bears and some Birthday monsters.

And a bunch of adorable Christmas elf pins and best friends monster faces for either keychains,pins or pendants for necklaces or I can make three different sets.

I ran our of ball chain chains a long time ago...but stumbled upon two! So I can make a set of BFF necklaces,BFF keychains and BFF pins.

I made my sons' some shark monsters which are interesting to behold.

I should have my boxes on thursday and then I'll have a TON to finish for friday night so I can set up for my trunk show on Saturday which is at the Project 308 Gallery from 12am-6pm I am so EXCITED!!!! It's going to rock.

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