Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another Update

I am quite the chatter box...anyhoo I am going to sit back and work on just the Farms and other parts of the Monstrous Baubles community....This is a list of what I came up with for cool towns and villages....

Monster town
Spooky City
Candy Corn Fields
Cotton Candy Farm
Flower Fields
Lollipop Village
And I'm thinking of Tinsel Town for a Christmas village.

I have had ideas pop into my head and my cousin's ideas conjured ideas as well...for instance..

In Lollipop Village there will be bubble gum sheep that instead of your average wool from a sheep they have bubble gum growing on their back.Small bite size ones I believe!

I want to also work on a small field of tiny candy corn that you can set on an orange or yellow felt mat....I could also stripe the mat some how.

I have ideas of lollipop flowers too that can be picked....tall flowers like Alice has seen in the fields......tons of ideas I want to work on.It will take a long time to have everything done but as soon as I do I'll list like a mad hatter!

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