Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In loving memory of a sweater

I use to have the most awesome sweater jacket.It was a soft cozy black and white striped design.....but unfourtanetly time has punched me down  and it no longer fits.I did have this sweater since I was 15 so it has lasted a long time.

My sweater will live on as one cool stuffed bear circus monster.He will sit on my shelf and make me smile! I may be able to also make two smaller ones from the sleeves and give them some fancy buttons and interesting items to light up some one elses rooms.......Once I have batteries again I will post the progress of these funtastic monsters.

November 20th 2012

Here he is....I finished him!

Yep there he is Rupert he's a big bear and will sit up high and watch things go by.

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