Friday, November 2, 2012


I am going nuts brainstorming new ideas for my toy sets.I came up with the idea of just adding my smaller houses into the larger pencil box sized ones.....I have had a bunch of comments on how small my monsters were but I believe them being smaller is a great thing so they can be a part of a bigger community of monsters inside my pencil box sized sets.

The lid is actually where the metal would go and you can have some trees and a house or two set up there on the sides.Inside I would have a hand drawn or painted scene of hills and stuff and the houses would sit on the bottom there too.If I had enough metal squares I could cut it to size and fit it inside the entire box like my first initial plan of the magnetic community.....But I'm still not sure since I don't know how strong the squares are.But as soon as I can pick up the supplies I can start on testings! Mwwwahaha! I will keep updating.

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