Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am going to be grouping my Mini Communitites together to create bigger communities. So instead of one set you get three little houses,two felt play mats,and six monsters.

And I'll have the one sets for Stocking stuffers on sale! I'm working on simple softie monsters for younger kiddos.The only piece to worry about is the face on the monsters but if you watch your little ones with them they won't come off.....the face would have to be chewed a lot to even come off!

I had an example monster

I think this design is cute,simple and fun for little tykes! Their not too big and not too small.
I have new felt (thanks to me awesome husband) and I can stitch up some monsters and work on Monstrous Baubles towns and accessories now.I have a Christmas Village in the works now and a trade order to get to baking!
I may be working on more cave like homes this weekend .....I like the idea of a one monster home and more tree houses.We'll see clay isn't cheap!But I do have white clay and it is only 6 bucks a pound which rocks!!

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