Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Idea

I have some of my monsters in the Dark Forest store in town and I am so thankful I wanted to make something that the gamers and card players themselves could use and I think some card boxes would be cool!

So if and when I can I'll pick up more white boxes and get to work,some zombie art,vampires and all those fantasy characters I make  will look great on top! And some figurines to display.....I'm off to doodle! I have a cute and creepy demon girl drawn up that may look cool on one.

So some thins to look forward to seeing in my shop are figure skulptures of my monsters and some fun mini ornaments.

I need white clay,this way I can make TONS of little monsters and paint them all.The toys will be the colorful clay because it just makes sense.

Phew,busy in the noggin!

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