Monday, November 26, 2012

Cool Play house and mat sets

This morning I was wondering if it's a good idea to make seperate sets with only the houses and playmats.I think it is because I want to make a tree house with a box inside or a cubby like hole inside.So if I'm to work on these I'd need more white clay and thats fine it's at good old Walmart for 6 bucks. I may construct cool huts and things like the first sets I was doing...

The little huts and the treehouse are all clay painted and stuff.It's a fun set and my most original. Thats also my first playmat.The trees were also white clay and then painted. So in the long run using all white clay is cheaper but it does take more time......right now I'm still working on new cotton candy and lollipop trees.....But they look cool.The monsters in this set are as tiny as the old 80's polly pockets and I have no probs with that it looks way cute but I got some comments from mothers about how small they are......but it's the idea their pocket size to make play time easy to take along with you!

I do need to get new storage for if you want to take them along but the mini boxes won't really set well in your pocket (but they do fit) you can carry them in a drawstring bag....those are now easy to find in etsy supplies so after the Holidays I may start adding those instead of the plastic could also be possible to sew on some keychain rings to hang them on your backpacks.

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