Sunday, December 2, 2012

Supply Day

Woo Hoo! Today I get my new skulpey 111 BRIGHTS pack and some air dry paper clay to work on those tree houses!

I have a game in the works,thanks to a cool friend of my husband''s coming along I'm coming up with cards now...some fighting tools would be holy water balloons,foam swords and some bottled garlic water! Ha so that would mean the "bad guys" are vampires.And some hobgoblins....

The object of the game is to journey from Monster Town all the way to the Candy Forest.Theres obsticles in the way and you get 28 can move to the next square or your sent to the Spooky City where vamps are going to attack you....or your off to the Dark Caves where the hobgoblins live.

It's still a working progress....I may ask the folks at Dark Forest Games if they wanna help me out.It could be fun.......I am in such a great mood....yay!

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