Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Major Update in Monstrous Baubles

Hello hello! I have decided to switch out the kraft boxes for tin ones.I was working on houses and a lid has torn and it made me wonder how well they even hold up with pro long play times.

So I decided to start using metal tin boxes and the biggest part of this upgrade is they will be magnetic.I will also include fun magnets to stack your homes up or side ways....when I have my tins to create the first example I'll post the idea.

It's a cool and more sufficient idea.I will be posting my very last kraft box monster set...it's a little bigger than the others....It has two snow yettis and they own a diner and a home.

The boxes I have left over will be for my Craft shows or for fun for me and my boys!

I will keep everyone posted as this new upgrade begins!

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