Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In progress

I have a few things started out...First I am working on a Birthday monster set with three little ones inside with gifts balloons and stuff ready to throw an awesome Birthday bash!

I have my boxes now soooo I have three monster sets ready to work on,and a monster pack. I have a box big enough to make a candy forest set...which will include my first four bubblegum cats and my gummi bears!

New monster packs are going to be made with One monster and a pet,then my mystery monsters are going up soon too!

Snow Yetti's,the boxes are a bit bigger so the second lid rooms are back!

Candy Forest,I need to finish painting the trees!

These are my super adorable Bubblegum cats.

Birthday Party crew! Ha I love this idea.

Custom ornies to go in shop soon...you can pick from a snowman monster,elf monster,santa monster or reindeer monster!!! I thank my friend for the idea as well she rocks!!
Busy busy weekend coming!


  1. I can't wait to see the finished ornaments. Great blog!

  2. Thanks Katie!!,I already made my friends I just have this picture so others can pick a custom one so I can make them.....Thanks again!