Saturday, December 22, 2012

Game Update

I have the game board ready and 20 cards.I didn't yet finish the board incase the cards need fixed up.I did a few mini test plays by myself and I had fun!

Now I need a test game! This is what the game board will look like...

And these are the cards....

You pick a card and follow the colors on the card on the board..super easy! You can have a two player or four player game.
Heres an example of what the monsters look like on the board...

Pretty darn awesome I say! And the new tins make a great storage for the cards and monsters.
~Other News~
...I don't want to change the monster homes,the box that tore before was only because it wasn't a "kraft" box and it wasn't as durable as the older ones.SO I will get the older kraft boxes and not switch again.The tins are for my game pieces......You can collect the mini communities and play games as well!
I think I'll have little sets of just the game board and cards too.

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