Saturday, December 29, 2012

Monstrous News

I worked on a few different things today,had a good brainstorm too. I'm making shops with my white pencil boxes.It makes sense because when you in real life go out to eat any where shop or get coffee at a Cafe the buildings are way bigger than your own home!

So far I have "Punky Brew's Cafe" in the works,I need to draw another side of the cafe and paint the box then glue and wax everything.The set comes with a few monsters and the owners.

I hope the monsters don't seem too small,but it makes sense to have them the same size as shown and then they can have their cute little tin homes.So The Monster Town plaza is in the works. I should have a pet store made soon too! I need more pencil boxes and green felt.
I have no idea when these will be done.....I'll have them posted when they are though!
This is a cool monster gift I came up with today...I may make more sometime...

I love how it came out and the box is adorable!

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