Friday, December 21, 2012

Monstrous Baubles the game,Update!

I have the mini game board all sketched up! I think I'll be making a few different games.The boards will be paper so you can easily fold them up and store them away.

They will be a 4 player game with 20 cards.It's an easy enough game so it can be for all ages.It's a perfect little game for people on a trip to your Grandma's or while your waiting for your dinner when your going out to eat.

I'll make three of this game...I want to make other ones too......So I'll be in the work shop brainstorming again and again!

The idea
Your on a journeyfrom Monster Town to the Candy Forest.You need to walk through the Flower Fields without the Grassbiters biting you.Then you need to pass through the Spooky City,then you've reached your destination at Candy forest!

You may land on a tombstone square which means you are to go to the Spooky City and battle! with zombies and vampires.This battle may seem lame but for little ones it will kinda be but still fun.
You could also land on a square with a Monster home which means you have to go back to Start which is Monster Town.As your going along another square will have a picture of a Grassbiter on it which means you have to go to the Flower Fields!

I thin I'll have some of these little monsters to go along with the board and four monsters...something to bring it to life.

More updates when I think of any!

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