Friday, December 14, 2012


So....I'm occupied with ornaments and shelf sitters for my family and friends and I'm not getting as many monsters  up in the shop,but I will have a few new sets up within the week I think.

I'm going into Dark Forest Games tonight to go over my monsters and other items....I'm going to have them look over some steampunk drawings I've been working on to see if they'd want some larger ones.

I want to help this shop out because their fairly new,doing really well and getting people in with their tournaments and events.They need an art crowd to come in too but since the Project 308 gallery is near them it's a little hard.But hopefully this Spring they'll do a side walk sale.I need more artists to try and put some things up in there!!! So my cousin may do some paintings for them.

Maybe some comic style work would look good?

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