Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Monstrous Baubles TIN house!

I have finished one! And their way cool,they even have a little felt carpet. I made them the same way as the others,drew little rooms and decoupaged them into the tin and sealed them with Microglaze wax. Theres more room in these and I'm getting a few together for "Monster Town".

And soon I will have homes for the softie monsters too! I thought of an idea to create a little house from the white pencil boxes.They will get a large pillow seat/bed and a blanket and I'm going to use a paper mache box for their dresser or bookcase!
This is Marla she's going to be stitched this weekend and she may have her house finished too.
Their all palm size,and will also have their own clay pet! You can buy the doll accessories to any of the smaller dolls and it will go along with her well.
Lots of new heading this way for 2013!

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