Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Festival

It is finally here!!! My town's Fall Festival is happening tomorrow from 11am to 4pm and I am READY!!!

All I have left to do is paint some trees and finish up on table displays.

I have a sweet deal happening at the fest

YOU PICK!!! your own mini play set.
Two Trees
Two Monsters
and one green felt play may or purple!
only $8.00!

I hope I have the felt I need, I can get some tonight hopefully...I still haven't grabbed my necklaces from the shop in town but I think I'll let them hang around a bit more...

Totally excited this is my FIRST ever Festival!!!! And I'm so thrilled it's in town so I can walk to the event and admire the gorgeous Fall beauty on my way.

Oh I hope I do well... should be super fun with all the activities and I have a pal sitting beside me as well who is lending me a tent because she's a sweet chica!!!

Wish me luck!

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