Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ideas are a brewing!!!

Alright, I'm set with the bunches of monsters I have all made. Now I'm going to get more hinged tin play sets started....and I'll be getting more smaller tins with the lids that pop on and off for the "Pick your own" play sets! The kids and their parents got a kick out of those and the felt carpets I glued inside....very cool indeed.

NEW project brewing..

Round Paper mache ornaments that already have the string handles attatched.I'll paint up some Christmas ones and coffee themed since I LOVE coffee! OOohh I will also throw in cupcake themed ornaments too.

The plan with the paper mache ornies is to paint them up fancy and add on some fancy crepe paper and maybe glitter? Or some hand made clay embellishments.

I do think that maybe the singular monsters were a bit high and the Bubble Monsters went well since they were $2.... I'll have all the single monsters back to $2. Scrap Dollies will be $1 play sets will always be $12 because they take the most time to finish. I think I'll work on the tins separately and get those done before I start on any other monsters.

Supplies in check...
I need

Round paper mache  ornies
Paint (I adore apple barrel!!!)
Fabric Markers
Maybe some cool trinket boxes
Small tins

I hope to get paypal on here soon!

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