Sunday, September 1, 2013

Plan B

I decided I like using my laminating machine way more than magnets. Two reasons... One their a little heavy, Two more glue to be used. With laminating my doodles I can draw up to four different scenes and then laminate them all....cut out... and of course they need to stick to the tin somehow so I added the tiny magnets I bought back when I was testing the magnetic tin sets....

The magnet sticks perfectly with my amazing handy Super Glue!
 The little background drawings are perfect for scenes!!Loving this idea.... I drew another three background scenes and the bottoms for grass or carpet incase you are switching the scene to the inside of a house. I'm working on clay settings to draw some trays of cookies and cupcakes and then I have my cute coffee mugs already which I'm happy with. I don't like how small the cookies on the mini plates are I made in the second picture so I'll doodle them on.... plus they'll most likely get lost!
The paper mache boxes are going to be painted and I'll probably add a cute or spooky table cloth design on them. I have some real adorable clay pillows coming I made last night!!! Each set gets a set of three pillows... for the set above I made two round bone pillows and one long pillow the second set has two round flower pillows and one long pillow...their so cute I can't wait to paint them!
I figure even if for some reason the tiny magnets did fall off of the background scenes they will stick to the tin and the scenes will still stick in the tins..
That concludes my latest work of the month!

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