Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just Stuff

I've been thinking and usually it's about etsy and I always do say blah blah blah I'm sick of it and all that, but I don't know I'm pretty fed up with all the "hearts" and no sales. And when I do get a sale it's every two to three months which is complete bull and it makes me super frustrated!

I do so so so well at craft shows and I always sell at least three or more things! I get super creative around Fall and go so bat crazy...I believe I'd do well with seasonal work and not worrying to much about etsy and everyone else on there. I see a TON of stores and things that are similar to mine that sell well online and I feel that my work isn't good enough which it certainly is!

I do market and I do post in threads every day, gets me nowhere and I'm bummed about it.

SO I think it's cool to just maybe have a designated Saturday of crafting......and spend an hour with my coffee and my good read Eragon for a good long while!

Get back into my house work and creating for my house as well.At least I do know my family will love it.

On the brighter side...Heres the witch painting I've finished!

My awesome vintage sewing table drawer!

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