Saturday, September 21, 2013


I've been super busy sculpting and painting that I have these cuties finished..

George and Elizabeth! They look all shined up since I just waxed them. I also baked up more mini monsters to paint up...

I'll be doing three Birthday Monsters... One for October,November and December since they are coming up I'll paint them the birthstone colors and decorat their hats all neat looking and stuff!
I'm so low on supplies I'm really wishing I could get a sale on etsy right now! So far this is my list....
White Clay
Paint Pots (Apple Barrel)
Fabric Markers
Paper Mache boxes
Paper Mache purse box
and my sharpies  are on low as well.
I may not be able to get new supplies until after the Fall Festival I'll be in in about three weeks!
I'd like to start on those purse box sets with the entire town inside,,,,depending on what month it is I get the supplies for that I'll make the right town....if I do get them in time I'll be making Spooky City first.

I also painted an amazing painting this month

Now I'm working on cool painting #2 but actually #1 in my witch series!

That would conclude my monthly update!

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