Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Giddy

Apparently this morning I feel a bit giddy. It's getting so close to Halloween, I keep finding such fun vintage toys which make me want to get my collection started!

Not only do I make toys I collect them..... especially the old popples, care bears and polly pockets! I grew up with some pretty neato toys and I'd have to say a lot of my inspiration and style have come from them. Today I realized that my new clay dolls and monsters look a tad bit like the Little People with their cute round bottoms and happy sweet faces or spooky faces if your collecting my Halloween vamps and zombies and such creatures alike!

I wonder if I were to print out my blog entries if it would be a sort of newsletter? I mean I do feel a bit chatty and I do love chatting with other chatty folks. I may consider creating one with my blog.

I had someone ask me if I had a magazine last year, and I was like whaa? maybe I could have one? All I'd have to do is take the photos of my shop items print them out and create an album or something. I may do that!

Of course there is laundry to do and ebay listings to work on doing... not entirely wanting to do anything quite yet but the day is a wasting!

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