Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Idea of the Day

An idea for The Holidays.... Gift boxes made from paper mache purses.

Perfect for a set of monsters clay and plush! I had an idea pop into my head a second ago.... I could make little towns with these. I mean were talking "idea" because it would cost and arm and maybe two legs for this set! I'm thinking little paper mache houses, a road that runs from lid to lid when you open it flat. There would be medium to tall picture blocks of little stores and shops and scenes of flowers and trees and parks and things. For this idea to really happen I'd need some sales ha!

But all in all this idea really rocks. I could maybe throw in a mini Molly Polly Doll too!!!
Is this what Monstrous Baubles morphs into I don't know it very well could be though. I can see it happening.... you could buy the larger set with this paper mache purse that has all the bells and whistles and then as soon as the Holidays pass buy the smaller paper mache houses with the monsters. Seems as though I am stepping back a bit into the past with Monstrous Baubles but I think somehow I just came up with the extended idea....... The tins are nice and all but I really do love paper mache boxes as long as they are the "kraft" boxes they last and are sweet and have a great feel.

Old Monsters (pocket monsters)

A cute family of four... this is I think made inside a 2" or 3" paper mache box, but with the size I can make the monsters or doll figurines a little bigger and they would make more sense and have a purpose more than just collecting....... they would fit inside the paper mache purse perfectly and there would be an awesome town! I can make the Spooky ones as well... so right now as I wrote down my thought process I have come up with the big plan. Look for these in the shop within the year I have much work to do!

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