Saturday, September 7, 2013

Future randomness

Something I was thinking of.... I do know that any kind of show would cost money and time, but I recently discovered if I file for my crafters tax ID it may cause a problem with my taxes if I decide to get a real job.
I thought it would be interesting to start my own own craft show in a few years after I'm prepped up and everything.
How I'm thinking it would work....
large lawn..... if it's mine no taxes and no one to annoy me
Fall........ great time for Halloween shows and festive ciders and candy and things of that gorgeous Fall nature
People....... I would need at least 30 people to set up
We would need folks to bring tents, and tables but I think theres enough that it would be ok and they would have these things already.

Quite possibly it would work out well.... cook up some hot dogs and burgers and veggie ones too.Have cider around and my pumpkins I should have growing!

It could happen.

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